2010 Haiti Earthquake Update

Note: This article is about the 2010 earthquake. Learn how to donate to help children affected by the August 2021 Haiti earthquake

UPDATED: June 30, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. (MT) – Out of more than 22,000 children affected by the earthquake we are still in the process of locating around 350 children. We are continuing to contact sponsors whose children we do have specific information on.

Our church partners continue to search the tent cities daily to locate the rest of the children. In addition, regionally based partnership facilitators continue to search the countryside to find children who may have relocated outside of the city after the quake.

Classes have resumed in nine of the eleven universities where our Leadership Development Program students are enrolled, 62 students are attending class again. However, 26 of our students for various reasons (sickness linked to the earthquake, stress, trauma, formal interdiction from some parents, etc.) have not returned to school.

Our leadership team is proceeding with the repairs of our three-level office building in Port-au-Prince. Repair work is expected to go until the end of July. A local firm is responsible for the repair but an expert from Engineering Ministries International is in the field for the work supervision.

Two psychologists have been hired for a six-month contract to design a plan to help meet the psychological needs of our registered children, siblings, relatives and church staff members.

Our initial objective for addressing the temporary and transitional shelter needs of our beneficiaries was to provide tarps to 4,000 families in the urban areas, and corrugated metal sheets, wood frames and nails to 2,000 families located in the rural areas.

So far, we have distributed 4,237 tarps to complete the tarp distribution activity. Some families were given two tarps based on need. Also, more than 1,300 families received corrugated metal sheets and wood frames in rural areas. Another 700 will be served as soon as possible.

About 8,000 registered children and 7,000 siblings and parents were seen through our mobile medical clinics. Malaria and typhoid tests have been given to patients who also received medicine, if needed, or are referred to the hospital or a health center for follow-up.

As most of our child development centers also have a school where many of the children attend, our plan to provide transitional meeting places until the damaged centers can be rebuilt is providing school equipment to replace some of what has been lost.

The Haitian government has reopened schools and extended the school term by through August. Most of the schools are allowing children to go home at noon because of the extreme heat, to minimize the amount of time the children are kept under the tarps and canopies.

We are processing letters and gifts for all child development centers in Haiti. If you send a gift, please do not specify how it should be used. It is very difficult for our Haiti staff to follow through with the request.

Until further notice we are not conducting any travel to Haiti (e.g., sponsor visits, individual relief efforts, tours, vision trips, etc.).

All of the affected child development centers have resumed activities, meeting under tarps or tin roofs. All of the significantly affected centers are meeting three times a week.

Although the full scope of regular activities is not currently taking place at child development centers and child survival programs significantly affected by the earthquake, affected church partners are continuing to conduct camps to help address the psychological, physical, nutritional, and cognitive needs of our registered children, as well as the mothers and the babies participating in our Child Survival Program (CSP).

In general, our church partners will host these camps until the development centers are rebuilt or activities can be relocated to a safe indoor location.

Camp activities focus on five areas:

  • occupational therapy including art, sports and games
  • cognitive therapy including earthquake and natural disaster education
  • group therapy for children under 8 years old
  • individual therapy for children over 8 years old
  • immunization against polio, measles, tetanus and hepatitis A

For the CSP camps, two to three Child Survival Programs are grouped together for efficiency, depending on their geographic location.

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  1. MFHCM August 2, 2011

    Great to see your helping Haiti! Loved the post!


  2. Becky August 30, 2010

    [quote comment=”19085″]I hope fiona is alright in kayna and that she is alright. Tell her thati i am very sorry for not writing to her. Let her know that my birthday is the day after hers the 20 of december. I am praying for her.[/quote]

    Linda, this blog cannot send messages to your sponsored child for you. However, in about 60 seconds you could log-in to your Compassion.com account and email your Fiona the message you stated above. I’m sure she would be very happy to hear from you!!

  3. linda August 30, 2010

    I hope fiona is alright in kayna and that she is alright. Tell her thati i am very sorry for not writing to her. Let her know that my birthday is the day after hers the 20 of december. I am praying for her.

  4. Shirley Thomas July 21, 2010

    I have a sponsored child in Haiti and I thank God for Compassion International because of the compassionate (like Christ) work they do and I am a part of that. It is a privilege to support CI.
    Shirley Thomas

  5. Bernice Crouse June 30, 2010

    As Compassion sponsors of a child in Haiti, I would like to know how we can help rebuild the schools. Our child really misses his school. Our friends are itnerested in helping his center get new school supplies and more.

  6. Peggy May 10, 2010


    I would ignore Ray as he has made these same comments three months ago. There can’t be two Rays with his attitude on this blog. Prayer might help him as it seems only God can reach someone like this.He upset me the first too and I have prayed for him when God brought him to my mind but he evidently needs much more.

  7. Elizabeth May 10, 2010

    I am sorry that you feel that way. I don’t know what you think this page is, all of the people here sponser a child in Haiti and the earthquake affected most of them. Most people don’t advertise that they sponser a child, for me it is between me and my child. We don’t do it to ‘look good’, we do it because it is what God calls us to do. Love one another. Now I am sure that most people on this site have given money to the red cross or other organizations that are helping with the recovery for the flooding in Tenn. I don’t know if that is what you are talking about. But I have given money multiple times to help with relief efforts in our own country. If that is not enough I am sorry.

    I don’t think that sponsering a child is ‘wasting time and money’. It is never a waste to invest in a childs future. It is not about what country they are in, it shouldn’t be focused on that, it is about people helping people.

    I have been in contact with the family of my sponsered child, and they tell me that they were praying for our country while there was flooding in calafornia, and even though the couldn’t give money, I don’t know what is better than praying for safety. They did what they could. I am sure that if they could give money they would have. I will be praying for you Ray, God Bless.

  8. ray May 6, 2010

    What, are u still playing and wasting time and money over there? Don’t u think you have tried to look good enough? What about all the people hurting here in the U.S.A? Want to look good? Then help in your own back yard. Christians, who helps your own? How many of the Haitians would come to our countrys aid?

  9. Ruth and Paul Pratt May 6, 2010


    We have participated in the Partners with Haiti Bethany Program since 1992. Our first student was Wilmy Etienne who we sponsored for 13.5 years. We last heard from Wilmy in April, 2005. Since 2006 we have sponsored Jeff Pompouski Baptiste a student at BTA SP 317. Wilmy is now a young man, 25 years old. We would very much like to hear an update on both Wilmy and Jeff, either from Partners or, more directly, from them. We are strong proponents of the Bethany Project.

    Thank you for any information you can share with us.

    Ruth and Paul Pratt

  10. Elizabeth Beck May 1, 2010

    Please keep praying for the children who have not been accounted for, especially Martine. We are longing to hear any news regarding her or her family. Thank you in Jesus name

  11. Peter Davidson April 29, 2010

    It’s amazing how God can bring so many wonderful people together to bless those in need. There is still a lot of supplies and help needed in Haiti and through our prayer and believing in our Lord Jesus Christ,we can all make a difference. The Hands of God Ministry is leaving in August to bring much needed medical supplies, food, rebuilding of homes, and most importantly Salvation. A Cup of Organic has partnered with Hands of God Ministries to help fund this mission. Read more about how you can help at http://www.acupoforganic.com

    God Bless!

  12. Kathleen April 28, 2010

    I just received word today that my little girl in HA-779 is alive and well!! Her whole family was found and is uninjured! Unfortunately, there was damage” to their home.
    Praise God that they are alive!!!! I am so thankful!!!

  13. Dawn April 26, 2010

    In response to Jennifer
    My child was in HA-806, and I have not heard anything about her either. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated!!

  14. Lindy April 26, 2010

    Thank you so very much for this update! We have two sponsored boys in Port-au-Prince. Thankfully, both survived the quake, with one losing his home and the other having damage to his. It encourages us so much, as we continue to pray, to know of the help they are receiving right now! What a blessing you are, Compassion!

  15. Juli Jarvis April 22, 2010

    I was thrilled to hear from my teenaged boy in Haiti yesterday — especially since I used to sponsor his older brother, and assumed he was in the Port-au-Prince area. As it turns out, the entire family came through without injury, although 3 brothers were in Port-au-Prince. However, their church/project (on the island of La Gonave) was destroyed. Enold said this: “Nothing wrong happened to us. God atones for our life. We aren’t better than those who died in Port-au-Prince. It’s God’s plan for our life…I had three brothers in Port-au-Prince. God watched over them.” I thought that was pretty awesome.

    1. Patti September 1, 2010

      Awsome! praise our Lord.

  16. Jennifer April 22, 2010

    My child attended ha 806, they have not found him yet. Has anyone heard anything about this project?

  17. Sarah April 22, 2010

    I think it is awesome that you are keeping up with the updates on Haiti, it is nice to see that it is not a one time deal. People who are aware and care about it for a little while then just brush it off their shoulders. Thanks for your concern and keep up the good work!

  18. Joann Cousin April 21, 2010

    To Beth,
    I see you’re looking for info from HA202.Register with Our Compassion,and connect with other sponsors from that center.We support each other in prayer and friendship
    When you do contact Bethani Wright,she heard that her sponsored child is well.Blessings,Joann

  19. Beth April 21, 2010

    How can Compassion be sponsoring new children from severely affected projects, and not let us know if our child is even alive?

  20. Dana April 19, 2010

    Thank you for this update. I just recently started sponsoring a little girl in Haiti. I’ve been waiting to sponsor a child from Haiti since I heard about the earthquake. A couple of weeks ago, I welcomed Christine in Project HA763. I know that she is in an area that has been severely affected and as this is a new sponsorship, I have little information, so this blog is very welcome. I am just sending off the paperwork to start my sponsorship, so new is it.

    I will keep Christine and her family, and all of Haiti, in my prayers. As soon as I can, I plan to get together a family donation.

  21. Brandy April 15, 2010

    Hi Chris,
    First of all thanks for responding.
    Oscar is a part of HA-295, Cabaret Child Development Center. Any information you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

  22. Mary Fidlin April 15, 2010

    Just wanted to send a bit of encouragement to those waiting for news of their sponsored children in Haiti. I recently received a wonderful surprise in the mail from my child, Abner (HA-202), that he and his family were not injured in the earthquake; although their home, church and center were destroyed. I had been waiting for a phone call, email, or letter from Compassion Hdqtrs., so you can only imagine how excited and relieved I was to receive this news directly from my child!!! I will continue to pray for all the children still unaccounted for in Haiti. Keep hope alive with constant prayer and thanks…God is listening.

  23. Leslie April 14, 2010

    I feel as if I just don’t know what to do…I continue to pray for my Nanda and her family but still have had no news about them. She is from HA739…in the meantime, should I write or what? Any comment would be appreciated.

  24. Brandy April 13, 2010

    I know that you are doing all you can but I have still not heard anything about my child Oscar. (I’m taking this as a good sign.) Will our letters reach them if we send any encouraging them to remain strong during this time of hardship?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni April 14, 2010


      What development center is Oscar a part of?

      We are processing letters and gifts for all child development centers in Haiti. If you send something, it will be delivered.

  25. Elizabeth April 13, 2010

    Has anybody heard about children from HA-806? Thanks

  26. Beth April 9, 2010

    We have still not heard about our sponsored child from HA-202. Her name is Sonia.

  27. Gail April 9, 2010

    Hi Meredith….Thank you!
    How do I reach you via Our Compassion??
    ….not sure

  28. Meredith Dew April 9, 2010

    @Gail… yes, one of our children is at HA 254 and is healthy and well, though her mother was injured and her home was damaged. Feel free to contact me via Our Compassion if you’d like.

  29. Gail April 3, 2010

    Has there been any child reported as surviving from HA254?

  30. Becky March 29, 2010


    If you check her project number (HA-XXX) (the 4 digits after that are her child number, which aren’t the numbers you need), then you can compare it to the list Compassion has of projects that were affected http://www.share-compassion.org/helphaiti/docs/affected-centers.pdf

    If she is on the list of significant or moderately affected centers and you haven’t heard, then that should mean she hasn’t been located yet. You can send Compassion a note through their website contact system, do a live chat, or call them to confirm that information. You also can join OurCompassion.org to connect with other sponsors from your child’s project to find out what/if they have heard from Compassion about their kids.

  31. Marlene Hurshman March 23, 2010

    I haven’t heard anything about Christiana who was at the Cabaret Project near Port-au-Prince. Does this mean she’s a person that is unaccounted for?

  32. Becky March 22, 2010

    @Karen Shockley

    HA 728 is listed as not affected on the pdf list Compassion compiled so your Michelove and her family should be physically safe, http://www.share-compassion.org/helphaiti/docs/affected-centers.pdf

    Ourcompassion.org lists 3 sponsors (of 4 children) from that center. If you join OC, then you can ask them if they’ve heard anything more specific from Compassion 🙂

  33. Joann Cousin March 22, 2010

    This afternon I listened to the audio from Wess Stafford as he spoke about his recent trip to Haiti. How powerful his message was with so much destruction all around but so much hope for Haiti. I pray daily for the children,churches, and the country of Haiti. I marvel that so many people have chosen to give their lives to Jesus.

  34. karen shockley March 21, 2010

    would love to have information on HA-728 area where our Michelove attends. thanks

  35. Susan Horne March 21, 2010

    I went toarea 202 .Pepette in Feb at the center it was the only place that was open for children, it was really nice they had a band planning gospel music, meet the director, what a blessing!!!

  36. Mary Fidlin March 20, 2010

    I am still awaiting word on my little boy I sponsor from Haiti. His name is Abner, and he attends the Papette CDC (HA-202), and lives north of Petit-Goave. I know he lives in a significantly affected area. I received a letter from him last week, written around Christmas. Yesterday I received an updated set of photos. God is so good to shower me with these blessings at a time when I really needed them. I am so grateful to Compassion and everyone involved in the process of giving aide to all affected by the earthquake. I will not lose hope for my little Abner. Hearing from many the wonderful news that their sponsored children have been found alive is all the hope I need. Praise God!

  37. Becky March 17, 2010

    Chris, thanks for posting that detailed answer. I realized this morning I probably should comment again rather than just say nothing in thanks as I did yesterday…

    It makes sense to me that the response will be different as the need isn’t the same everywhere. The idea of individual counseling for all kids over 8 years old happening in one day (or even one week) along with everything else just seemed a bit daunting of a task without an army of counselors. It makes sense that the activities are more than a week long when needed.

    I’m thrilled that the Compassion assisted children have somewhere to go that is safe, educational, and fun before schools start up again (and even after too!). Thanks again for the added insight about what is going on down there 🙂

  38. Chris Giovagnoni March 16, 2010


    Thanks for your patience and for the congrats. They are both appreciated.

    The camps we’re running vary. They don’t look exactly alike for each center, although they are structured to address the same needs.

    The purpose of the camps is to begin the process of restarting activities at the centers. We are doing that initially with a one day program.

    I believe the camps were initially planned to be a week long and then deemed completed, but then the process evolved into several phases.

    The first day of activities – this one-day program – is followed by ongoing assistance at the development centers to facilitate the gradual return to normal operations.

    This ongoing assistance isn’t necessarily exactly the same at each center. It may last longer at some centers than others; it depends on the need.

    The expectation is that this phase will be completed before we move into the next phase, which is the camps for the Child Survival Program beneficiaries.

  39. lisa March 15, 2010

    thanks for all your prayers and encouragement…got a letter today, that Berti is ok. said her home was damaged. didn’t mention any family members, so i am being positive and claiming that all are ok.
    got a letter from her pastor too. said one child in HA204 was lost, and the pastor lost two children, who were away studying in P-au-P.
    much more to be done, but we can breathe prayers of thanksgiving and praise now, along with continued love and support.
    thanks again to everyone on here, who reached out and/ or prayed. keep “loving on” haiti!

  40. Elizabeth March 15, 2010

    My little girl’s center is 806 as well, and I haven’t heard anything yet either, I am hopeful that I will hear something soon.

  41. Chris Giovagnoni March 15, 2010


    I spoke with our contact center and was told that radio stations have been periodically promoting Haiti children for sponsorship.

  42. Stephanie Green March 14, 2010

    I keep seeing children from Haiti listed as newly-sponsored each day on the “I’m Sponsored” feature under Sponsors and Donors.However, the website states (and I was told) that no children are available to be sponsored from Haiti at this time. Could it be that as unsponsored children are located in Haiti that they are being made available for sponsorship??

  43. Becky March 13, 2010

    Are these camps at the severely affected centers that run from 8AM-4PM being held M-F on an ongoing basis or are they just a 1 week camp that once it is over it’s over until the center is able to open again for regular activities? I see the post said the camps were ‘multi day’ and that CSP similar programs will start at the end of March, so my thought was the camps were probably going on until then, but I didn’t think it hurt to ask.

    Chris, I know it will be awhile for you to get an answer, so I promise I’ll be patient 🙂 And, congratulations to you and your wife and I saw you mention in a blog here that she is expecting!!

  44. Vickie Hansen March 9, 2010

    I’m sorry I haven’t answered your questions sooner. I’ve been out of town, “compassion International” was displayed on my caller ID. I called the number back and got the information. I sent what I could as a family gift the next day. Now I’ll wait to hear from Beljean as to the extent of the damage to their home. I’ve decided as a “praise” to do a Compassion Sunday presentation at my church. I have to meet w/ church leadership in 15 minutes. Consider doing the same to help even more children that are so unfortunate. Vickie

  45. vandk March 9, 2010

    Thank you SO much for linking me to this! I’m glad that she wasn’t in the official impact zone. Still praying for those who had children in the heavily affected areas.

  46. Brianne Mullins March 9, 2010

    Hi Vandk,
    Please visit the post concerning our child development centers affected by the earthquake in Haiti. It will give you an explanation of how we categorize the centers.

    So grateful for your commitment and concern for Shleida.

  47. vandk March 9, 2010

    Our sponsor girl, Shleida, is in the project HA811, the update said that that center was moderately affected. What does moderately affected mean as far as damage and injuries?

    Praying always!

  48. Ted March 8, 2010

    So sorry to hear about your child’s dad, Kyle. We need to keep praying for all the families.

    Praise on my part that “my” boy, Anderson, is safe as is his whole family. I just got a letter from him that was written back around Christmas time and I am now praying especially for his mom because I was just told she is expecting their second child sometime this year. He also said he got a new pair of shoes with the Christmas money I sent. My first thought was “I hope he had them on when the quake struck and they weren’t buried under rubble.” (The message from Compassion was that their home was severely damaged.) Funny how something so small now has such a big emotional affect on me.

  49. Jane Podlin March 6, 2010

    Praise God our child Ruth Marie is ok. Her mother has been injured, but her father is also ok. Ruth Marie is 751 center. Her house has been destroyed, but Compassion could not tell where they were staying or how badly injured her mother is because of privacy issues. Thank you Compassion for all you do and continuing to pray for all. Call came through as an 800 number, but they left a message to call. Nothing was said about monetary gift, I will wait a little bit on that. Thank you God for answered prayer.

  50. Kyle March 5, 2010

    I got a call yesterday about the boy I sponsor in Haiti. It came in on my cell phone, so it didn’t have a caller id. It was an 800-number that showed up, though (i.e. it wasn’t “Caller Unknown”).

    I received mixed news as well. While the child I sponsor is safe, his father was killed. His mother is safe as well, but they also lost their home.

    I can’t imagine.

  51. Susan Horne March 5, 2010

    I would send money now, when I went there I gave them money, but I would send it now to them, and write a letter. They can use it in many ways.

  52. Peggy Newport March 5, 2010

    Concerning family gifts for your child I asked and was told I could do that but it would take two months for it to reach them. Therefore, I am confused as to what to do. Do I send now or do I wait? If I send now will the money not go as far as normal in Haiti? Could someone give me some information on this? I am so grateful that my child and family are found and okay but still wonder about the CDC in Carrefour. Does anyone know about it?

  53. Brianne Mullins March 5, 2010

    Hi Susan,
    I understand your concern. If you read our recent blog post, Our Transitional Shelter Solution for Haiti. I think it will help you understand what we are doing to address this need.

    Hope this helps!

  54. Susan Horne March 5, 2010

    WHen I got back from Haiti , I called Compassion, and told them about my trip, My little girls home is gone, all the people in her village home is gone, the Compassion Center had been damage, but the day I went it was it first day open so Praise God I got to meet the director of the center, they are overwhelmed, but so strong. I asked if they where going to help when I called compassion to rebuild homes, they said that they had engineers, that where going to go and they would help build homes right, but when I called yesterday it was a whole different story, and they said they are not going to help rebuild homes. So it is hard to say what to do at this point.

  55. T. Clarke March 5, 2010

    Hi, Vicki – –
    It is interesting that Compassion called you back and mentioned the “family gift” option.

    When I talked to Compassion just two days ago, I specifically asked about making a family gift and was told that prices in Haiti are sky-high right now due to low supply and high demand and that gift money to help repair the family home wouldn’t go far. Instead, it was suggested that instead of making a family gift for my sponsored child’s family that I make a donation to Compassion’s Disaster relief fund so that all families may be equally helped. (It also states that on the Blog site above.) Strange that Compassion is giving mixed messages to different sponsors… I’m going to wait at this point.

  56. jennifer March 4, 2010

    Yes, It says compassion on caller ID. I got the call just yesterday and my heart sank. They are delivering good news through the phone as well.My boy in HA-314 is ok he and his family have lost everything but they are alive. I am praying for all of you still waiting to hear I know how difficult that is. My son is now working on a calendar for a fundraiser for a family gift and a project gift. The whole family is jumping in to help. Thanks be to God.

  57. Donna Shaffer March 4, 2010

    To Lisa and all,
    I was very happy and relieved to find out that my child, Getho and his family are all OK.
    Their home was damaged. Getho is from HA-204. When I was not home to recieve a call, Compassion did leave a message. That was when they did not have anything definate yet. When they did have details they left a phone number with my daughter for me to call them back. I was nervous for the news then over joyed. Praise God we are getting the answers we have been waiting for. Lisa, I hope this is helpful. Keep praying.

  58. Caitlin March 4, 2010

    Lisa, the call I got was an unknown caller. You and I sponsor in the same center (204)(I think we’re actually friends on OC already), and I’ve noticed other sponsors in that same center are receiving calls. Don’t worry, I’m sure Compassion will try again!

  59. lisa March 4, 2010

    those of you who have gotten calls…does your caller id say compassion? i have several “unknown” calls that leave no message, these last couple of days. we had a statewide election here, and i thought they were probably just auto-dialers, but now i’m worried i might have missed a call about HA-204 and Berti.
    thanks for any information y’all can share. i’m afraid to leave home now; i don’t want to miss a call with good news. has anyone been left a message from compassion? or do they just call again?
    i am so happy to hear of others getting good news, but i’m also afraid to speculate as to the reason i haven’t heard anything yet. thanks, and pray for my patience.

  60. Jennifer Craig March 4, 2010

    Has anyone heard about ha-806? I know it was significantly afftected but that is all I know.

  61. Vinessa March 4, 2010

    Has anyone heard anything about the children in HA-295? My young man, David Joassaint, is in this area and I am so anxious to hear any news from him and his family….I know and need to always remember… God is in control of everything!

  62. Vickie March 4, 2010

    I received another call from Compassion last night. The first caller forgot to tell me that I could make a donation to my childs family of between $25 and $1,000. On the contribution form under “other” you are to write “family gift.” This is also different than this page indicates when it says you cannot donate and specify where you want the donation to go. I believe this is only for those children and families that are found (now 86%). Keep praying for the other 14%! Vickie

  63. Reese Johansen March 4, 2010

    Praise God, our sponsored child Vialy and his family survived in the thick of all the destruction in Port-au-Prince!! Our heartfelt thanks to all the Compassion staff who have been so faithful and patient throughout this heartbreaking ordeal, and who will continue to minister tirelessly to all those in their care. God bless all the victims and all the people from Compassion and beyond who are working in the disaster relief. God is good!!!

  64. Vickie Hansen March 3, 2010

    If you get a call from Compassion, do not panic. They are not just calling to deliver news that sponsored children have died as their update states. They delivered wonderful news to me yesterday that our girl, Beljean, and her family in Carrefour, who attends the Macedonia Child Development Center (HA726) are all alive and well. Their home was damaged as well, but they were not able to tell me to what extent (cracked walls or leveled or something in between). Praise the Lord and continue to pray! Vickie

  65. Becky March 3, 2010


    That news of your sponsored child being found and ok is fantastic!!

  66. Craig Nicles March 3, 2010

    Rejoice with me today because Lauwens at HA310 Petit Goave, Haiti, and his family were lost and have now been found by Compassion – all are OK! Praise the LORD! Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love. Thank you faithful Compassion staff! YeeeHaaa:) I just finished meditating on Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” because I have been so impatient in this waiting process. Blessings to you!

  67. T. Clarke March 3, 2010

    I got a call from Compassion yesterday and my heart immediately sank – – I was sure it was a call that our sponsored child had not survivied… However, it was good news!
    Ketly survived and she was not injured! Her family home suffered some damage. She lives in Petit Goave (HA310 -child development center). So, please keep up your prayers as good news is starting to come from the severely affected areas. I pray that all sponsors will begin getting news for their sponsored child/children soon!

  68. Becky March 3, 2010

    @Johnny Amburn

    I checked on Compassion’s list of affected projects and HA-336 is listed as ‘not affected’ and therefore has normal activities going on. Per the earthquake map from the USGS (https://blog.compassion.com/haiti-earthquake-development-center-image/#more-10021), St. Marc where HA-336 is located only had moderate to strong shaking with the potential damage listed as ‘light’ per the USGS.

    Letters have resumed being processed to these unaffected centers, so I’d recommend writing your sponsored child and I’m sure you will get a response once the project has their next letter day!

  69. Becky March 3, 2010


    I understand it isn’t easy to get answers and that there are so many other more important questions to be discussing (like what specifically is needed and being packed on the next relief plane!). Thanks for your answer and even more importantly for that amazing blog entry today (it made me come check this one to find your answer)!!

    I love camping, but I cannot imagine living in a tent in those conditions for a prolonged period of time. I easily see how they would wear out and then there is less money to devote to a permanent solution. However, if the tents were specifically donated from Coleman, it makes sense to use them while raising funds for a longer term solution.

    I got a much better understanding of the situation realizing it is 6k families as I wasn’t sure if the early estimates of 6k children around Port-au-Prince included all the other impacted areas. Getting food and water to 6000 families is complicated enough, much less with them all spread out among different camps with dozens of distribution centers at the churches.

    I think you guys are doing an excellent job balancing getting the job done and keeping those concerned informed about what is unfolding. Thanks!

  70. Katy Balsis March 3, 2010

    @ Germaine… Hi! I will be happy to help you with OurCompassion and will email you later today!


  71. Germaine Bergeron-Lynn March 2, 2010

    “RE: Patti Says: February 22nd, 2010 at 4:18 pm.
    Germaine – Have you signed up on Ourcompassion.org yet? I am on that web page if you want to stay in touch? HA739 no word yet?”
    I am a member of ourcompassion.com; however,I have not been able to connect with anyone through it. Frankly, I do not understand how to use the site. I’ve made posts and then can’t find them later to see if there has been a response. I do not know which of the groups to subscribe to. Supposedly, I should be able to connect with people who also sponsor children in HA-739. I can’t figure out how. My email address is [email protected]. Please contact me there. My husband and I have not heard anything about our sponsored child yet. I hope, hope, hope that he and his family are OK. Of course we continue to pray for them. I would like to connect with you.
    Thank-you, Germaine

  72. jennifer March 2, 2010

    Just wondering if anyone has heard info closer to the epi center. We are still waiting to hear. It seems there is more info in Port au prince. I am praying for word, checking the website daily and wondering since we have not heard much. Our boy was in the out skirts of Leogane.

  73. lisa March 2, 2010

    chris, thank you for the continued info.
    i am so sad to read of the staff injured and lost, as well as the children and families.
    i just received the letters from pastors who lead our sponsored sweeties in el salvador and rwanda. of course there was not a third letter from the pastor working at fond-doux center in petit goave.
    we continue to pray for them all, as we do you, chris. thanks for being our point of contact. i hppe you are encouraged by the calm you give us, as we wait.

  74. Chris Giovagnoni March 1, 2010


    Just learned that as of two weeks ago, we had distributed about 500 tents to those in need.

  75. Johnny Amburn February 28, 2010

    I know how difficult things are in Haiti, but we still have no information about our sponsored chile, Phegens (HA336) at the Verrettes Child Development Center. Do you have any info yet?

  76. Susan Horne February 26, 2010


  77. Susan Horne February 26, 2010

    This is a link to my picture when I went to Haiti, of my little girl her mother, there house that is gone, the Compassion Center.

  78. Caitlin February 25, 2010

    Hey Susan, I would love to see those pictures. I believe my Magarette lives in the ame area your girl does (204). Any chance you will be posting them on Ourcompassion.com?

  79. Susan Horne February 25, 2010

    Just got back from Haiti, FOund my little girl, and her mother, there house is gone there whole are lost there homes, she is so sweet, I took picture will put them on my facebook later. The day I went was the first day Compassion had started having something for the kids, they need it, things are really really bad. My prayers and heart are there hope there will be some way to help rebuild. I took alot of things and help the mother out with some funds Gave her a First aid kit, Julisssa had a bad wound on her leg they had no water or food for 22 days.

  80. Craig Nicles February 24, 2010

    I’ve read in the news that the shelters/tents being sent to Haiti must be approved by USAID and cost $500/ea….?

    In contrast, I’ve also read in the news that The Salvation Army has received donations from “Coleman” for the provision/supply of tents.

    Where are the tents/shelters coming from? Who’s supplying shelter/tents for the people in Haiti – the rains are coming soon….?

  81. Becky February 22, 2010

    I saw tents in a video about aid distribution posted in the past two weeks. I am curious if Compassion knows approximately (ie, 25, 50, 75 or about 100%) of Compassion assisted families who need tents have been able to receive them yet. I saw the evening news tonight and one of the major networks mentioned the rainy season starts in mid-March. I was pleased to see some mainstream media finding a reason to discuss Haiti again.

    1. Chris Giovagnoni March 1, 2010


      I apologize for the delay in answering your question, and also for the fact that I’m not actually answering it. 🙂 I’ve tried to get a specific answer, but this is all I’ve been able to get a hold of so far. From the census information I’ve seen, a little more than 6,000 of our beneficiary families in the area affected by the earthquake are living in makeshift camps.


      My apologies to you as well. I plan to have an update on the shelter situation in Port-au-Prince soon. It probably won’t answer your specific question either, but it will give you more information.

      Sadly, but hopefully understandably, it’s difficult to get the answers to specific questions like these because it’s difficult getting in touch with the people who have the answers. It’s kind of like trying to ask a question at a press conference. Lots of jockeying for position to get the answers we all want.

  82. Patti February 22, 2010

    Germaine – Have you signed up on Ourcompassion.org yet? I am on that web page if you want to stay in touch? HA739 no word yet?

  83. Craig Nicles February 22, 2010

    Our family sponsors Lauwens in Petit Goave, Haiti/HA-310. We are trying to establish a line of communication with people/organizations on the ground there, ie, The Salvation Army; U.S. Marines 22nd MEU; Dr. Tenpenny @ aidforhaiti.org – Police Dept in Petit Goave, Patrick Lepilote. Do you have contacts with anyone other than Compassion Intl. staff there?

  84. Carey February 20, 2010

    Compassion – thank you so much for keeping us informed! I know that God is watching over the compassion family, and all of its children!

  85. Caitlin February 19, 2010

    Hey Chris,

    I didn’t mind the wait. I know I can trust you to do your job, and I know you’ve got a billion of us fretting sponsors beating you down with questions. Thanks for the response, and for all the work you put into keeping us up to date as impatient as we are.

    I’m so glad to know that should something awful happen to my sponsored child, I won’t just drop off the edge of the earth to the family. I’d feel like a dog if I did that. It’s amazing how attached we can get to people we’ve never met before. I know my sponsored child a little bit, but I hardly know her family at all, but I’m pretty attached to them as well.

  86. Chris Giovagnoni February 18, 2010


    I apologize for not responding to your questions sooner.

    Sorry for the morbid thought here, but what happens to the letters and gifts I’ve sent my child if she has died? My hope is that they will be translated and given to the family.

    Along that same unfortunate thought, if it does turn out that my child has died, will I be able to write the family a final letter, if they can be found? Should that happen, I really hope I could.”

    The letters and gifts would be given to your child’s family.

    And you are able to write a final “sympathy” note to your child’s family. Just mention in the letter that you are writing “To the family of _____”, and be sure to include your sponsor number and child’s number.

  87. Caitlin February 18, 2010

    Please let us know what you find

  88. Susan Horne February 18, 2010

    I am going to Haiti tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers.

  89. Joann Cousin February 17, 2010

    To Germaine Bergeron-Lynn
    You can connect with other sponsors from HA739.I researched and saw 20 sponsors that you can connect with.Go to OurCompassion and register,then on the right hand side where your child’s picture is just click at (Find other sponsors in this project) you’re be able to make contact with them.If it wasn’t for the support I receive from other sponsors in my group it would be very hard, Blessings,Joann

  90. Patti February 17, 2010

    Germaine- I still have had no word on my sponsored daughter. I continue to write and pray for everyone in Haiti. awaiting news.

  91. Germaine Bergeron–Lynn February 17, 2010

    Patti of post #189,
    My husband and I also sponsor a child in HA-739. CI still has no news about the welfare of our Berthens or his family. Yours is the first post connected to HA–739 that I have seen. I invite you to contact me directly so we can communicate and support each other at , if you are interested. Blessings, Germaine

  92. Joann Cousin February 16, 2010

    Susan Horne,Sorry for the confusion,there have been so many blogs to read and it does get confusing.

  93. Susan Horne February 16, 2010

    It was not Ed that helped me, it was Rene look a previous Blog with phone number. Ed Lockett is a great missionary doing wounders in Petit, you read wrong who help me

  94. T. Clarke February 16, 2010

    Hi, Caitlin –
    Compassion has started calling sponsors whose sponsored children have been confirmed as passed away. Should any sponsor get that heartbreaking call, ask Compassion at that time if you can write a final letter to the family, etc.

    Most of us who sponsor children in the severely affected areas are all in the same boat – waiting patiently to hear news about our sponsored children.

    Lord, please grant us patience and peace as we wait to hear about these precious lives that you know and hold more dearly than we ever can!

  95. Joann Cousin February 16, 2010

    Susan Horne, I contacted Ed Lockett and he said he was unable to help us,he referred us back to Compassion for information on the status of our children.
    Hi Caitlyn,
    I thought the same thing as you,I do have 2 letters to mail,if Sophya has not survived the quake I would definitely like to do a final letter to her family.Still waiting and praying,Blessings,Joann

  96. Caitlin February 15, 2010

    Sorry for the morbid thought here, but what happens to the letters and gifts I’ve sent my child if she has died? My hope is that they will be translated and given to the family.

    Along that same unfortunate thought, if it does turn out that my child has died, will I be able to write the family a final letter, if they can be found? Should that happen, I really hope I could.

  97. Susan Horne February 12, 2010

    Compassion has not been able to do anything for the girl. They are not in the area her church is devasted she lives outside Petit, and yes there are several Christian groups that have been there doing work one is a missionary by yhe name of Edwarad Lockett he has a place called Happy House he is on Facebook, but my little girl is not there, so I know the Lord meets are needs and well make a way. I am familar with Haiti the conditions, and how difficult this is going to be. The Churches will need to be rebuilt also the centers where my child lives, so until then she is nine years old and my prayer is the Lord will guide them to the right place for there needs school, food, and I am so grateful that I found out she & her mother are alive, what a miracle. The Lord knows the heart of man, and He Has A Plan.

  98. Caitlin February 12, 2010

    Susan Horne, Petit Goave has received some aid. http://www.chfinternational.org/node/33925 this is an article outside of Compassion about the aid effort beginning in Petit Goave.

    It is easy for us, who are not there dealing with the politics and other obstacles, to come up with brilliant plans that will fix Haiti in 5 minutes. I’m just glad that we are supporting through an organization who was already in Haiti, as well as the DR, because what I can tell from the news, those are the organizations who are making the most difference.

    As for our kids, we need to remind ourselves that our panic is not going to help them, no matter how wound up we get.

  99. chae s. sone February 11, 2010

    Korean orphans during the Korean War and the Haitian children.

    During the Korean War, when the Korean and American troops retook the Won ju city area, I had chance to brief visit to a refugee house in the city. I saw a group of about 15 children gathered in a small room under the car of a youngman who was a Christian refuge himself from the North. He couldn’t stand up in the weakness in starvation. All the children were stood up as I entered the room, all half naked, none was sitting on the floor, with just frightened facial expression as they had experienced the horror in the bombings and the battles and they lost their parents and family members.

    Fortunately, they were picked by the American or Korean soldiers up on the roadways or from the fields. They starved in horror. That was why they had but an expression of horror in despair as they could remember only frightening of the brutal war during the communist invasion.

    I met an American army chaplain visiting the refugees. Although we saw the sufferings, we had no special means at hand to help them. So I asked him if we could offer a special services for them. He gracefully agreed. In the following morning, he led a special service for the sorrowful group, mostly women. The chaplain preached in the most heartfelt emotional tones for those who in desperate situation. I acted as his interpreter.

    The refugees worshipped, sitting on the small yard front of the house, spent the tearful moments during the services. I always remember the chaplain’s, emotional facial expressions and the lamenting worshippers, wailing for heavenly help. Since then, I do not know about their fates but their facial expressions.

    Nowadays, whenever I see the disaster stricken Haitian refugees in the news, my old memory recalls me to the half-naked Korean orphans’ images.

    But the immediate contras to the Haitian orphans was that the difference between
    them is that the Haitian orphans have the timely supply of food and other aids from the neighboring Americans and others and are fed well, and lively, happily jumping around, many of them are hope to be adopted into the American families.

    But the Korean orphans during the war time never had any such timely luxury whenever I had chance to see them in the many war torn areas.

    Later, in America, I had chances to see the happy faces of the some adopted children under Mr. Holt plan in Oregon and The Welcome House under the leadership of the well known Pearl S. Buck, Doylestown, Pa.

    By now, I believe that many of the grown up Korean children in the American adoptive families would be playing very rewarding roles in various ways for this society.

    Laura Silsby

    Laura Silsby is very characteristic leader for the missionary group, often failed her own business in the recession, but always her heart was to help the homeless or the disadvantaged children over the world, according to news. She seems to be very able person and hastily organized this
    Missionary group to help the Haitian orphans at this time. One’s business failure does not necessarily mean any moral defects at all.

    Unfortunately her group in Haiti mistakenly ended up in the jail as the suspected orphan kidnappers as they missed some legal steps in confusion of the disaster stricken land. Although they were in the situation very much needed a legal advice and consent from the authorities, they didn’t seem to have had such a timely opportunity in confusion.

    During the court hearings, some parents testified that they willingly gave their own children to the missionary goop in contrary to the accusations.

    The incident appears not to be in a mutual malice at all but the disconnection in the confusion of the land of the great calamity as if a heavenly strike.

    As the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated graciously to the public that the Haitian judicial authorities would determine the case in honor, According to the news, the court seemed to have discovered the truth.
    Judge Bernard Saint-Vil has the final word soon on whether to free the missionaries, on the basis of the hearings and Defense attorney’s request.

    The judge’s brilliant determination will gladify everyone concerned about them in the world.

    In God’s grace, hopefully, Laura Silsby
    could find a graceful way to continue her inherently passionate instinctive humanitarian mission towards needy people in Christian faith.

    We pray for the relief efforts by the American Christians, Mr. Bill Clinton’s quick recovery, Mr. George H. W. Bush, the UN Secretary Ban Key Mun and all the people in good will towards the disadvantaged.

    Sincerely, Chae S. Sone

  100. Susan Horne February 11, 2010

    I gave compassion the information on my child, And honestly they did not know what to do with it, they did not wont to help/ That is not what Compassion does is exactly what I was told. So if anyone can not understand what I am saying, or maybe understand how I might feel about this and the child I have been sponsoring for 4 1/2 years also sent her money for her Birthday the 21st, What happens with that . and if she isnt getting help from Compassion then I need to see what help they can get where they are

  101. Deaun February 11, 2010

    I’m am confused as to all the frustration directed at Compassion regarding info & updates, I am grateful for all the work that they are doing in this crisis, I have received a ltr stateing my Ericka did not live in the destructive area, I had figured this out by the great postings and maps, but very grateful for the ltr. I know she will still be affected, no matter how far away she lived and I pray constantly for her and all of Haiti. We need to remember we are asking for info on specific children and Compassion is working to find thousands of children, please be patient and just keep praying.

  102. Joann Cousin February 11, 2010

    Susan Horne,Lisa,Jenny C.,
    It would be wonderful if this info was true.I wish Compassion would start listing the children they KNOW FOR SURE ARE ALIVE,then in time as they receive the info share it with us about the other children.I may be calling Compassion today and request if that can be done at this time.Susan I pray that the info you rec’d is true and your child is alive.God Bless,Joann

  103. Susan Horne February 11, 2010

    Tomorrow will be one month, my child lives near Petit Goave and they have seen no aid, no one from Compassion

  104. Susan Horne February 10, 2010

    I had several people speak to her, I have been to Haiti before, also called Compassion to see if they can help them because no aid has been there, and they said they dont get involed like that, and for them to go to there church, there church is gone. what would you do, better yet what would Jesus do. I could care less if someone who is in Haiti eathquake area was trying to scam me for money because there hungry.

  105. Susan Horne February 10, 2010

    Rene Devis, Heritagekonpa Radio
    He owns the radio station in Petit Goave. Praise God for this guy

  106. Susan Horne February 10, 2010

    Renne is the woundeful Christian man who has a radio station in Petit Goave

  107. Jenny C February 10, 2010


    While I am happy to hear you got word about your sponsored child, I would be cautious about calling. We are not supposed to contact our sponsored children in any way other then through Compassion International. Also, the skeptic in me wonders if the person calling in was actually her mom. There is no way to know for sure that the person isn’t trying to scam you. I hope that isn’t the case, but I would advice caution.

  108. Juli Jarvis February 10, 2010

    Thank you so much for continuing the updates here. I am praying for the Hames family — so sorry for their loss. We will not stop praying and supporting our friends in Haiti.

  109. Joann Cousin February 10, 2010

    I’m trying to send a message to Susan Horne,Thanks,Joann

  110. lisa February 10, 2010

    susan, we have a sweet girl at the fond-doux center just south of petit goave. can you email me this man’s info?

  111. Joann Cousin February 10, 2010

    Susan Horne,HA204 Petit Goave

    Susan just read your blog.praise God for you that your child is alive,can you share the info with us,name or phone number so we could possibly locate our children??

  112. Susan Horne February 10, 2010

    I just got word through a wounderful guy who I found on the internet, he has a radio station in Petit Goave, and my liitle girl I sponsor is alive her mom is also they heared the announcement on the radio that I was looking for them and called in. I am so happy I also now have a phone number . I am so thankful to the Lord

  113. Joann E. Cousin February 9, 2010

    We are saddened to hear about David Hames,may God continue to bless his family and friends.

  114. Krystal bush February 9, 2010

    to the hames family I feel much sorrow for your loss. I can not imagine the difficulty. please know we pray for you. may your family have comfort for our Lord. ameen.

  115. Jane Podlin February 8, 2010

    Praying for our little girl Ruth in 751.

  116. Carey February 8, 2010

    I am eager to hear from Compassion International. Susan, I did ot know that our hcildren are only required to go to there center 3 days a week. I had it in my mind that our sponsor children were in the center four to five days per week. Thanks for the information. I will continue to write to Patricienne, though we have no word on her at this time. Let’s not give up on prayer.

  117. kristal February 8, 2010

    hi biranw,
    i have a little girl that just turned 5 who also participates in 751. i wish we had more news

  118. biranw February 8, 2010

    I have not heard anything about 751 other than significantly damaged. I pray for my girl in Haiti but at least 1 update on this website every 5 days please?

  119. Susan Horne February 5, 2010

    Regarding time of school, most of the schools would have been open, several of them where devasted with children in them, one thing I just found out the children are only required to go to there center 3 days a week.

  120. Peggy Newport February 5, 2010

    Jenny, I talked to someone at Compassion last week and was told the earthquake happened at 5 P.M. Haiti time and because of that thought the children may have left the Development Center. Of course that is no guarantee their homes were okay. My child is in Carrefour 5 miles south of PAP and her center was significantly damaged but that is all we know.

  121. Jenny C February 5, 2010

    Thanks for the feedback. i will write again tonight. I am praying for his family as are my parents. My mom asks if I have heard anything at least once a week when I call her. I hope Compassion International will have word soon but understand that it is a long, hard process.

    Does anyone know if the children were at their Compassion center or school when the earthquake hit? I was thinking with the time of day school was probably out but wasn’t sure how late they stay at the compassion site.

  122. Carey February 4, 2010

    Keep writing and keep praying!

  123. kristal February 3, 2010

    hi joe,
    i hope with all my heart that your little boy did indeed turn 10 yesterday. hopefully you can be assured soon.

    hi jenny,
    when my girls’ community was under water from the typhoons in the philippines in september/october i kept writing to them. I have just recently received letters from them dated after the typhoons. And they were really happy to have letters from me when it was possible for them to receive them. so i would say definitely write, even though the uncertainty can be sad. Also i was wondering if anyone knows if our children’s families will receive the letters we write in case there is tragedy with our children. morbid thought…but it could be comforting to their families.

  124. julie d February 3, 2010

    compassion staff,
    our prayers are with you and for our sponsored children and the staff and people of Haiti.
    keep up your good work in what must seem like an endless amount of work to do after such a widespread tragedy.
    may the Lord grant us all patience, mercy and show us ways we can continue to help.
    God bless your continued work!

  125. Joe Gasper February 3, 2010

    I am the sponsor of Gilneri who may have turned 10 yesterday. Gilneri lived in the Port Au Prince area and his project 727 is among the significantly affected. Although I am seriously concerned, like many of you, I am truly thankful that the Compassion staff and relief workers are not focused on keeping me updated. I can only imagine the tremendous hardship and difficult circumstances in which they are working. I praise God that they still have the courage and strength to continue. I emphathize with all sponsors of Haitian children and I encourage all of us to keep praying and “wait on the Lord”. We will find out about our sponsored children when God has completed His work (for this situation) through us.

  126. JennyC February 2, 2010

    I saw the update today that says no correspondence can be forwarded at this time. I understand completely. But I am wondering if I should keep writing letters so that when letters can be sent the child I sponsor can get a bunch of mail from me or wait until Compassion says they are sending communication again. I write at least every other month – my goal is monthly. I don’t want Alix to think I have forgotten about him. He is in the significantly affected area.

    1. Chris Giovagnoni February 3, 2010


      Please write.

      Mentioning in the blog post that correspondence can’t be delivered at this time wasn’t intended to discourage you from writing. It was meant to help set expectations; that because of the circumstances on the ground business as usual isn’t occurring.

      Writing now means that when letters can be distributed your child will get letters. If he gets several letters all at once, it will be clear that you were thinking of him, and praying for him. It will deliver a powerful and personal message.

      In my opinion, the letters you write now will help deepen your relationship because they allow you to talk about a variety of new subjects. They will be more “real” and detailed than if you wait and summarize or try to catch him up on stuff.

  127. Patti January 31, 2010

    I know what the Child Dev Center number mean ( 739) but beside it is a Child Survival Program number please explain what that means. Would love any news on the Bourdon Child Dev Center- my sponsored daughter is Albertina. God Bless Haiti and the children.

    1. Chris Giovagnoni February 1, 2010


      Our Child Survival Program supports and feeds malnourished children, while training mothers to sustain the growth and development of their little ones. It demonstrates the way of Christ to each mother and encourages them to bring up their children in a godly way.
      Our goal is that these children not only survive, but thrive, and have a healthy start to our Child Sponsorship Program.

      You can learn more about it at http://rescuebabiesnow.org

  128. Ginny Callahan January 30, 2010

    We just received a letter from our little girl, Sabine, who is in one of the devastated areas, HA800. We are praying we receive word about her soon.

  129. Helen January 30, 2010

    My girl Myriam is in HA726
    she lives in Carrefour and this is supposedly the epicenter of the earthquake. My heart is grieving for her and her family.
    I know that God is a big God. I’m praying for any information on her.

  130. Mary Egbertson January 29, 2010

    My boy Lazard is also in Carrefour. Carrefour was very close to the epicenter and was one of the severly affected areas. We continue to pray for him, his family, his friends, teachers, and anyone in the area.

  131. Susan Horne January 29, 2010

    What I recommend is google the town your child is in or the closes City hit news on the top, I found more information that way than what the Us & Hatian Goverment new , from that info I contacted many to get help there. And pray focus on the Lord is faithfulness. Haiti has need so much help for 200 years. This is the most they have ever seen.

  132. Vickie January 29, 2010

    Stephanie, If you are telling us to look elsewhere, I don’t understand. Could you be more specific? Folks are checking 3 or more times a day for new information and are finding it frustrating that the information we are getting is 4 days old. No new information in 4 days? Thanks, Vickie

  133. Peggy Newport January 28, 2010

    Is there not any recent updates? We continue to hope Neissa is okay and pray that she is. She is in Carrefour and we have not been able to find out if this city was affected by the earthquake. There has been nothing on the news about this city. Please is there any news at all?

  134. Pastor Marcus January 28, 2010

    Checked that: its TABARRE CENTER

  135. Pastor Marcus January 28, 2010

    Wondering about any news relating to the Tavarre Child Development Center…. our child, HA804 is, I pray, there yet… it appears to be in POP… Any one have anything? Praying seems insane, I use the same words over and over – please Father, in your mercy, in the midst of this, Father, please…..

  136. andrea January 28, 2010

    I’m trying not to go crazy with worry but to instead hold on to faith. My precious girl, Lounedia lives on the island of Ile de le Gonave, the large island near the epicenter. The list of child development centers that have reported does not appear to include even one of the 20+ centers on that island. Is that correct? No one has heard from any of these centers in more than 2 weeks? Lounedia is at HA272.

    God bless all of you at Compassion. I’m praying for your strength as you grieve and continue to work for the Lord and the people of Haiti.

  137. Susan Horne January 28, 2010

    I call everyday, finally the had word that 202 area the child center and church are devasted, so far seven children are dead, they have contacted the sponsors, but no word on my child. Still praying for Haiti planning to go the 19th

  138. biranw January 28, 2010

    Where are the updates? When will we have more specific information about the affected projects?

  139. Deaun January 28, 2010

    I just received a letter from my dear Ericka, it was dated in November, but I was so excited to read what she had been doing, I still do not think her area was directly hit but the entire country will feel the effects of this awful quake, I will continue to pray for all Haitians. I love seeing how the Lord is working in Haiti. Praise be to God.

  140. Krystal bush January 28, 2010

    why have there not been updates this week?

  141. Krystal bush January 28, 2010

    am I looking in the wrong place? why no updates this week?!

  142. Lisa January 27, 2010

    Please watch and share this anthem of hope with all who care about Haiti. My brother and I wanted to do something special to remind everyone there is Hope in Haiti. Song, We Will Rise was written by Stefan Youngblood and will be translated to Creole shortly.

  143. Brett January 26, 2010

    Hello. These updates are the same text with slight modifications each update. Would it be possible to BOLD or color the updates. I almost have the first few paragraphs memorized from reading them over and over. I’d rather just skip to the new info.

  144. Cathy Redfearn January 25, 2010

    I am waiting to hear of our sponsored child, Estherlande, who lives in Flande, not far from Croix des Bouquette. Does anyone have any information regarding the fate of this center or of the people in Flande? We continue to pray for all the children and families of Haiti and praise God that He is being glorified through this terrible event.

  145. Kathryn Long Goldstein January 25, 2010

    I have been prayin for my sponsored child, Carl and his family earnestly! I miss his letters-he’s growing up fast! He’s 14 and loves soccer and school. He loves God!

  146. Darlene Townes January 25, 2010

    I have been waiting for info re: HA-724 at the Cite des Jeunes Child Development Center. It is just 6 mi. from the epic center. I could not write before now. It has been hard for me to face the possibility that my little guy and his family didn’t make it. If anyone knows about little Morisseau, I want to know either way. My continued prayers for all!

  147. Bob January 24, 2010

    My heart aches for the pain and suffering in Haiti. I have a sponsored child at center 622. Please let me know when you get news from there. In the meantime, I will be praying that God strengthen and watch over the staff and the kids there.

  148. Hannah January 24, 2010

    Praying for everyone involved in this tragedy, including my sponsored child Kintherlord and her family in Bainet.
    Also, just wondering if there is anything else I can do to help. ANYTHING…. I live in South Florida, and there are many people here who have connections to people in Haiti. My senior pastor knew someone who perished in this tragedy. I have neighbors who are Haitian natives. I will do WHATEVER I possibly can to help. Thank you and God bless!

  149. Olivia January 24, 2010

    Does anyone have any information on Passe? please let me know… That is where our child is

  150. kristal January 24, 2010

    To Brian:
    is ForgottenVoices like Compassion only minus the letter writing?

  151. Myra January 23, 2010

    To Ray-You seem to have the mistaken impression that the Compassion sponsors are only helping in and concerned about Haiti. Many if not all have and are involved in many relief efforts. We have helped in many Ameican hurricanes, floods,the 911 attacks, local emergencies, and local and national charities. And we are concerned with California’s plight as well and will be willing to assist there. God has instilled in us compassion for all our fellow men. Though the Compassion organization must have its focus on its mission, we sponsors may have many areas where we support the needs of many people and organizations. The love of God has no bounds.

  152. Luann Marzinzik January 23, 2010

    What is the status of the CSP centers? Are these included in the 28 damaged centers?

  153. y. knutsen January 23, 2010

    Our hearts go out to haiti. So much to be done so many hurt where do you start. Our family would love to help someone in need. a child wthout family. A child in need of medical care and somewhere to stay while receiving care. How can we help. I know there are so many without homes and family. Isn’t it important to get them help before they die.

  154. Darby M Starnes January 22, 2010

    Our prayers and thoughts are with our sponsored child Fekson and his family. We pray for the staff and all who are working to help and rebuild lives in the name of the Lord.

  155. Chris Giovagnoni January 22, 2010


    Wess began his work with Compassion in Haiti more than 30 years ago. He has a great love for the Haitian people and a deeply personal connection with the country; he proposed to his wife in front of the now collapsed Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince.

    As with all nations, Haiti has its own distinct challenges. The plague of poverty in the country has cast a dark shadow over the people for a very long time. And Compassion has been working to shine light and hope into the lives of the Haitian people, to refute the lie that poverty tells them, for a long time too.

    2008 marked Compassion’s 40th anniversary in Haiti. It was a significant milestone for us, but it was just that, a milestone, because we’ve made a long-term commitment to the country, a commitment that envisions a future free from poverty for the Haitian people.

    It’s a commitment we have made because God cares deeply about Haiti, as do we.
    God’s love for us moves us to serve the children of Haiti, their families and their communities.

  156. Black_Dove January 22, 2010

    8 minutes into the Focus on the Family recording on 1.19.2010, Dr. Wes Stafford, SEND ME TO HAITI!

    If evil is there, it’s takes prayed up, paid up Holy Spirit-filled people. How many African-Americans work/volunteer for Compassion?

    I am sincere.

  157. Black_Dove January 22, 2010


    Christian leader: ‘Satan’ has had ‘free reign’ in Haiti

    By David Edwards and Daniel Tencer
    Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 — 1:37 pm

    Christian leader: Satan has had free reign in Haiti. The head of a Christian child sponsorship program says Haiti is a nation “that you can literally feel the evil in.”

    Dr. Wesley Stafford, president and CEO of Compassion International, told Focus on the Family that Haiti was a disaster before the earthquake ever struck.

    Haiti … has been a disaster in almost every way long before this ever struck. And it is a nation, between you and me, I guess, that Satan has had absolutely free reign in that nation. And while the missionary effort and the church effort has been enormous, this is a nation that you can literally feel the evil in it.

  158. Bethany January 22, 2010


    Your child’s new number should be listed on the account summary page. That is the first page that comes up when you log into your web account.

  159. Gloria January 22, 2010

    Ray, I’m sorry that you feel rejected by Christians. I can assure you that you are not. I pray for people all over the world who are suffering and dealing with difficult circumstances. I don’t know how you ended up on this blog, but I’m glad that you did so that I know that you are affected by the flooding in California and are hurting and I can pray for you by name even if you don’t want me to. This blog is for those of us who were moved by God to help children wherever they are who need it and for many of us, our children live in Haiti. We are concerned about them because they are a part of our families and we love them dearly even though we’ve never met them.

    I pray that you will open your heart to see that God who made you loves you unconditionally and that because we are all sinners, He sent His Son Jesus to live a sinless life here on earth and die on a cross, taking on the sins of the world so that if we believe in Jesus and what He did, we can have hope and real joy in this life, no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in, and experience eternal life with Him when we die.

  160. Sarah Charles January 22, 2010

    Helping others, even if they cannot do anything in return, is so important. I care about all people, no matter where they are in the world. I would help my fellow Americans just as readily as I would help during a crisis in another country. No one is “useless”. After all, Jesus died for us even though there is nothing we could ever do to repay such an act and we are totally unworthy to receive such a gift. That is what love is all about.

  161. Pat Koos January 22, 2010

    I pray and thank God for the staff, all the volunteers from all over the world also the people themselves for all they have done to find our loved ones.
    My sponsored child is Widline Remogene. Her # was #HA726 but she was moved to another area. I do not know her new number. Please pray for her. I will pray for you. Pat

  162. Christena January 21, 2010

    Cherlanda – we are praying for your safety and your family.

  163. jennifer January 21, 2010

    Ray, I will pray for you as well even though you do not want it. I think we should have compassion for people not just countries. My husband is a power worker and he responds to those needs of others even when he leaves a family that may be in a storm situation as well. We know that others need him and we manage without him in the severe weather situations. I know if callled all the power brothers would be on their way to help as well as many other service workers who do what they do to help people. God bless you.

  164. ray reedy January 21, 2010

    don’t waste your time praying for me.Instead pray for the people you have rejected that are here in your own country.If you are as christin as you pretend you’d care.i don’t need your prayers nor your help.I know hwere i’m going and its not to hEAVEN.INSTEAD PRAY FOR YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS WHO NEED YOU

  165. lisa January 21, 2010

    ray, i’m praying for you. children hurting and in need are the same, whether in california or haiti or siberia. folks on this site have relationships with loved ones. i’m sorry you are in an emergency situation in california; we were, too, a while back with hurricane IKE. we are praying for you.

  166. Cam January 21, 2010

    To Ray-I find reading or writing comments via the internet can easily be misunderstood. With not knowing each other, it is difficult to truly discuss the concerns you’ve mentioned. I hope if you are someone who is facing the emergency situation in CA that help is being provided. My personal belief is that we should be daily coming alongside each other when facing a crisis whether big or small so I am determined to do my part whether it be in my family, community, country, or outside my country.

  167. ray reedy January 21, 2010

    WOW,here we go again.We have a emergency here in calif.but everyone is so concerned with haiti.Will we have another new orleans because of this haiti b.s.?When will we do for our own first?WAKE UP AMERICA,why pour money into a country that is useless to us anyway??People need to set prioritys NOW before we lose our own and stop screwing around.Don’t like my views/then go to my blogger and read and respond to my blogs.

  168. Brian January 21, 2010

    Thanks for the work you are doing in Haiti and elsewhere. It’s too bad it takes disaster of this magnitude to bring the world’s attention to the plight of orphaned children. Organizations like Compassion, World Vision, and http://www.ForgottenVoices.org among others have continued to work with orphans regardless of the media attention. I hope that now with the spotlight of the world on orphans in Haiti we can bring attention to the needs of orphans around the world.

  169. Crystal January 21, 2010

    I am so thankful for Compassion. Though I had to stop my sponsorship due to financial issues at the time I still consider the child I sponsored mine! I am hoping to hear good news about his condition since he is in Hati! My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Compassion staff and all of those that are in Hati helping! Lord, keep them safe and protect everyone involved!

  170. Walky January 21, 2010

    I`m so thankfull Jeannie. Thanks for your prayers!

  171. Walky January 21, 2010

    Thanks Jeannie.
    God is helping all of us to help our brothers in Haiti. Peace and prayings!!!

  172. Vinessa Johnson January 21, 2010

    Attn: Compassion Staff in States and Haiti
    My prayers are with each of you along with all the Haitians. May God provide for all your needs; strengthen you as you get tired; encourage you as you become disappointed; and comfort you as you grieve. Your work that you are doing is so amazing and desperately needed. Continue your perseverance!!! James 5:11 (New International Version)
    As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

  173. Bethany January 20, 2010

    “Tom” Right now Compassion doesn’t have any information on specific project information. The best way to keep updated is to watch this blog or to go to https://www.compassion.com and under the tab “for sponsors and donors” click on the crisis update link. Any new info will be posted there.

    You can also log into your web account,Go to the child information page and it will list what community your child is in. From there you can compare it to all the maps that they have been posting to see where your child’s community is.

    Just keep praying!!!

  174. Jeannie January 20, 2010

    Dear Compassion staff,
    You are in my prayers as you grieve, are exhausted and continue to serve our God and the people of Haiti. “the King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.” Mtt.25:40.

  175. Jeannie January 20, 2010

    To all compassion staff,
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers as you face grief and are still serving God and the people of Haiti. “and the King replied, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine,you did for Me. “

  176. Cam January 20, 2010

    We are scheduled to fly to PAP next month (for a mission trip that was planned months ago) after flying in Ft. Lauderdale. In this blog it said “we are setting up a staging area in Florida to package and palletize relief supplies.”
    1. Does Compassion need help with this?
    2. Where are they doing this?

    Seeing we already have our flights and want to help Haiti…we are seeing if we can do something in FL to help.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  177. Pam Jones January 20, 2010

    We have been praying for the Compassion staff, their families and the people of Haiti. We will continue to for a long time to come. We feel so badly about this terrible tradgedy.

  178. Julie Adkison January 20, 2010

    Thank you for all you are doing in Haiti. I am so sorry for the personal losses that you are dealing with while trying to help so many others. My prayer is that you would feel deeply God’s peace that passes all understanding. Know that your brothers and sisters in the States are with you in Spirit!

  179. amoore January 20, 2010

    I am blessed by your accuracy and honesty in communicating with your supporters. Thank you for your integrity both in your US offices and the offices in Haiti and the world. I love the search for wisdom as you work to provide relief in the best way possible. Thank You. Know that we are lifting the entire team.

  180. Tom January 20, 2010

    Lord, have mercy. We pray for your children.

    Has anyone heard status of CDC #218?

  181. Beth January 20, 2010

    Confirmed reports are now in that a SECOND earthquake has hit Haiti this morning (Wednesday, January 20th). Located 35 miles WSW of PAP with a magnitude of 6.1. Lord, save your people!

  182. Cam January 19, 2010

    I am so sorry for the loss of the woman you mentioned. It is a reminder for me to continue to pray for all of those found and for healing of their bodies. As the news coverage lessens, may I not forget how important continued pray is for Haiti, Compassion staff/children, etc.

  183. Pat January 19, 2010

    Praying earnestly for all the Compassion Staff and children. Be encouraged in the Lord!! It is so hard to believe that God is in control, however, He is indeed & will use this tragic time for His purposes.
    I am also praying for all of the sponsors whose children are in the Port Au Prince area particularly. My little girl is further away so I trust she is OK.
    May our Lord pour out a spirit of mercy and compassion on Haiti & a spirit of prayer on all of us who are involved with “Compassion.”

  184. Gail January 19, 2010

    Has anyone heard how HA 254 is?? I sponsor a young boy there and pray that him and his family are safe. I pray for all of Haiti

  185. Emma Stephens January 19, 2010

    I dont have a child thru compasion but i do thru world vision and she lived in port au prince! I just want to know if se is ok! Thanks for this update and i am praying hard! Sorry for the miss spellings im only 13!

  186. Susan Horne January 19, 2010

    My child I sponsor is in Petit Goave, the town is devasted, need of help no Un or any other help yet need water , medical

  187. Jodi Benware January 19, 2010

    Our two sponsored girls, Wouline, and Carline are at HA-211. Is there any word yet on them and their families? We are praying!

  188. Ingrid Roylance January 19, 2010

    We are deeply concerned about the safety of our sponsored child, Youselande (HA-199). She lives with her family in the community of Robillard and attends school at the Robillard Child Development Center. Please let us know. Meanwhile we will continue in prayer for all the victims of this terrible disaster.
    Ingrid & Robert Roylance

  189. Ron Rowland January 19, 2010

    We are so saddened by the developments in Haiti. We are gravely concerned for the little girl we sponsor in that country. This blog was very helpful in filling in the information gaps. We continue to pray for the situation and know that God is bigger than all that is going on there.

  190. julie d January 19, 2010

    we are praying for the Compassion staff in Haiti, the relief workers and all the Hatian people affected by this tragedy.
    May the Lord use this for His glory somehow and continue to mobilize His followers into compassionate action.

  191. tricia January 19, 2010

    Why is it taking to so long for thr trapped Lynn Univeristy students staying at the Montana Hotel to get help? please send the American troops quickly!

  192. Sara Benson January 19, 2010

    Another difference between the two earthquake is that the Guatemala earthquake was about 60 miles below ground and the Haiti earthquake was only about 5 miles. That can make a huge difference.

  193. Dan W. Boles January 19, 2010

    prayers lifted. and continuing.

  194. Pat January 19, 2010

    I have yet to hear a report on the center HA205 on the Plains of Torbek. I have a little girl there that I sponsor. I think it is near Les Cayes. Has anyone any information on this area at all please?? Praying regulary for all the children and staff at Compassion.

  195. Becky January 18, 2010

    @Dusty, my church sponsors a church outside of Cap-Haitien and I received word they are ok and that there was not any damage at their church or the immediate surrounding area. They are receiving an influx of survivors looking for assistance. For more details go to ourcompassion.org and search for blogs tagged Haiti, I posted more details, including an email from them, in a blog there.

  196. andria January 18, 2010

    I am praying for Japhca and her family and hoping for any information about Hostin-192 center.

  197. Beth K. January 18, 2010

    My students and I prayed for Mackendy (HA763) as a part of “What I Want for Christmas”. We are continuing to pray for him, his family, and all of the lives affected by this disaster.

  198. Peggy January 18, 2010

    I’d rather you sit and hold one hurting child than type and tell us about our children we sponsor. Those hurting people are more important.

  199. Ted January 18, 2010

    @Becky re: Guatamala vs Haiti

    You remarked about the dramatic difference between the shakemaps for the two quakes. The big difference is that Haiti was a 7.3 while Guatamala was “only” a 6.0. For those not familiar with earthquake measurements, every numerical increase of 1 unit is a tenfold increase in the strength of the quake. So the 7.3 in Haiti was over 10 times as strong as the 6.0 in Guatamala.

  200. Susan Horne January 18, 2010

    I am looking for any info on Julissa HA 202 who live near Petit Goave I have read the area was hit hard on internet, any info please contact me . My prayers are with all of Haiti, and the people there trying to help, also all the world to give help to Haiti

  201. Olivia January 18, 2010

    Our Family’s child is in haiti and we are praying he is ok… he was in Passe Catabois…. I pray for all of the people in Haiti

  202. jennifer January 18, 2010

    I see that CNN is reporting that 90% of Leogane was flattened. We are praying for everyone. Our sponsored child Kendy HA314 is very close to that city. We are so worried for him and his family. Thank you compassions for all you are doing.

  203. Dusty Haase January 18, 2010

    Di you know if there was any damage at Cape Haitian? We have Verlande HA-207, in that area.

  204. Shelley January 18, 2010

    I help sponsor a CSP – Bourdon HA-CS9 – located at the mouth of the Bois de Chien canal in PaP – any word yet on how it was affected?

  205. Shannon Fischer January 18, 2010

    We are praying for everyone affected by this earthquake! Our adopted child is Lissionnaire Honore HA115. He lives in the northwest peninsula near Port-de-Paix. God bless everyone.

  206. Rita January 18, 2010

    Our Compassion “daughter”, Mahanaim Georges lives in HA-980. We have sponsored her for 17 years and she just graduated from the LDP program last year. We love her dearly and are praying for any news about her and her mother and sister.
    The whole country and especially the unsaved need all of our faithful prayers.

  207. Holly Hughes January 18, 2010

    We are still waiting to hear about our sponsored child, Angeline HA752. She lives near Thomazeau Development Center in Western Croix des Bonquets. We would love to have any information. My family continues to pray for the people of Haiti and the many workers.

  208. Becky January 18, 2010

    While I am confident Compassion will update us in time, there was a 6.0 earthquake this morning in Guatemala, about 60 miles east of Guatamala City and farther south on the coast. From Compassion maps on Flickr, it doesn’t appear there are any Compassion projects in the immediate vicinity.

    On the shakemap, note how ‘small’ the intensity of this quake was compared to the shake map for Haiti.

    Compassion Guatamala map of centers:

    I continue to pray for all those effected by the earthquake.

  209. BHW January 18, 2010

    We have a child in Haiti and we are praying for our child and her mother that they are okay. Our child’s name is Marie.

  210. Joann Cousin January 18, 2010

    I’ve been able to make contact with other sponsors through OurCompassion,we have children in the area of the earthquake HA-310 Petit Goave,Please continue to pray for them and their families

  211. Joann Cousin January 18, 2010

    Did you know that sponsors can connect with other sponsors through Compassion?I’ve been able to make contact with sponsors from Petit Goave HA-310 by going to OurCompassion and praying and sharing info with each other.God Bless Do it today

  212. Cynthia January 17, 2010

    I just came across the following website that may help you find your child. http://www.familylinks.icrc.org/WFL_HTI.NSF/DocIndex/locate_eng?opendocument

    I hope it is helpful. Still praying for all those involved.

  213. Kelly DeBardelaben < :) January 17, 2010

    I just want to let you sponsors know that I am praying for you and your children during this time and look forward to the day when I can join your ranks as a sponsor of a child from the wonderful country of Haiti!

    God bless all!!


    Your sister in Him!

    Kelly D < 🙂

  214. ann marquez January 17, 2010

    please notify us as soon as possible regarding Ivelor jean HA312…. we continue to pray for all staff of ci, children/families, haitian people, and the rescuers.

  215. Sandi January 17, 2010

    If you cannot find your child’s center number on the map, go to Google Maps and enter the name of your child’s town. This will pinpoint the location relative to the epicenter.

    If you do not know the name of the town, you will find it in your printed profile information for the child or go to your account on Compassion.com and look up your child’s profile there.

    I know that many of us still will not know if our child is safe for some time, but at least you can get a better idea of where they are located.

  216. Amanda Whybrew January 17, 2010

    Thank you for helping us!

  217. Kari Gibelius January 17, 2010

    746 is by Limbe in the north. Compassion has a good map where they show all the project numbers (not the earthquake map)

  218. claire January 17, 2010

    any news from center HA-688 for Sanchara & her family would be greatly appreciated.My prayers that God will be merciful…

  219. Bill January 17, 2010

    We continue to pray for all of the people of Haiti, the rescue workers from all over the world and especially for Ginette at HA727.

  220. Amanda Whybrew January 17, 2010

    Our child, Davidson, is with the Dumeuse Development Center HA746. We cannot find this location on the map. Does anyone know it’s location?

  221. Joann January 17, 2010

    Trying to reach sponsors who have children at HA310,had contact with Carey,Bethani,and Christi but don’t know how to share info with them,keep praying for Sophya and her family

  222. Mary Egbertson January 17, 2010

    I sponsor Lazard from the Carrefour Center. This morning I spoke with our mission team leader from my local church (Minneapolis) who had been in Haiti during the quake. He and his team were able to get out on Friday and arrived safely In Mpls yesterday. I spoke with him this morning and you could see in his eyes the sadness of what he had seen. When I asked him about the Carrefour area he gently said that most of the area was enirely flattened. God is a God of miracles and I still pray for safetly for Lazard and his family. God is also a God of compassion and he will bring aid and comfort to all affected.

  223. Wendi Bangerd January 17, 2010

    If anyone has any information about HA764 in Aquin, please post. My sponsored child, Marie, lives in that area and attends HA764. Thank you!

  224. Gloria January 17, 2010

    We are anxiously awaiting news of our precious “son” Peterson and his family. Peterson attends HA782. We trust God’s protection and provision for he and his family during these difficult days. If anyone has any news from that area, please post. We pray for all of those affected by this disaster. We pray for all who are coming to the aid of these wonderful people-for their safety and ministry of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

  225. Becky January 17, 2010

    Praise God that the co-owner of Hotel Montana was pulled from the rubble apparently today per MSNBC.com! Still praying for David Hames, that story definitely gives hope!!

    kristal-My guess to your answer is that because Compassion works though local churches, the pastors and child development center workers would know where the children live and be able to find out if the child/family moved away immediately after the earthquake or if the child (and/or any family members) did not survive. Clearly, the local church and compassion disaster assistance people from other locations are working to provide basic supplies in order to save lives in addition to accounting for children. I’d imagine we’d learn the project was affected (perhaps within 2-4 weeks??) before more specific child information can be confirmed. Obviously, from looking at the map of Haiti, you can surmise the areas where people would have been impacted, but it doesn’t let you know if your child and his/her family was physically effected (I think anyone living through that situation would be emotionally effected). I know the time will seem endless in today’s connected society, but as we all know even before the Earthquake Haiti wasn’t the most connected of places.

  226. kristal January 17, 2010

    Please if any of you have information about this, I am wondering how our children and their families will be found/identified because on the news there have been thousands lying on the streets and they are being buried in mass numbers in white sheets. I know this question is morbid, and we would not like to think about this possibility: but if any of our children have not survived, how will we know for certain? I pray for all our beloved children and their families and may God help everyone in Haiti. Amen

  227. Stephen M. Betters January 17, 2010

    We continue to Pray for the people of Haiti and our Compassion family. The timely information you provide is a comfort as we wait for word on our sponsored “son” David in HA727. God Bless you all and stay strong in the arms of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  228. Inga Decker January 17, 2010

    We are wondering about the Payen Child Development Center, and our Beethovens Meristin. Thank you for all you are doing. Our prayers are with you.

  229. Michael Heinuaer January 17, 2010

    my wife and i sponsor a child named Dieuvison, who lives in aquin, haiti. can anyone tell me if he is ok. thanks and God Bless

  230. Sonia January 17, 2010

    I am worried about my sponsored child Guerlanda HA-207, please any info on her and her aunt whom she use to live with, also her other sibblings and mum let me know, I am praying for their safety

  231. Sarah January 17, 2010

    We sponsor a boy, Jamesly, just west of Port Au Prince also (Duport). (HA 314) Anyone have any news on that area? We know it was close to the epicenter. We are constantly praying!

  232. Chris & Sonja Taylor January 17, 2010

    We continue to pray for all the children and families affected by this earthquake. May the Lord be their strength and comfort. We anxiously await word of Robenson Toussaint and his family, HA-747 , living in Grand Riviére du Nord. Thank-you Compassion for showing the Heart and Hands of our Lord Jesus.

  233. Marie January 17, 2010

    Sylvia, HA765 is in Aquin toward the bottom left (near HA764 which can be seen clearly).

  234. Tobias Hawkins January 16, 2010

    My child is Ha-782 Name Lineda Please give me information on how she is doing?

    Thanks for all you do

  235. Caitlin January 16, 2010

    It is so good to hear about the majority of the staff being recovered.

    I know it is soon, but it would really be nice to know the general extent of damage to cities touched by the earthquake, All we are hearing about on the news is Port au prince, because it was the worst of it, but for those of us who sponsor in cities not in the epicenter of the earthquake, but somewhat near it, it would be really nice to know if we should be expecting high damages in such and such city, while low damages in the other city. And is aid getting to the surrounding cities at all yet?

  236. colleen brubaker January 16, 2010

    praying that our sponsored child Joane Edume & her family are ok in Haiti. We are very thankful for the compassion staff in Haiti

  237. Duane and Sherry January 16, 2010

    Our prayers go out to all those who’ve been affected by the earthquake in Haiti, and especially for a little 12 year old girl who is very close to our hearts – our sponsored child, Shelda. We check many times a day for an email about Shelda’s status and pray she and her family are safe. We hope to hear soon that Shelda and her family have escaped the tragedy.

    We also pray for the Compassions staff and all other people in Haiti, the doctors and volunteers, for those who’ve lost loved ones, and for those who have not heard from their family and friends who were visiting Haiti.

  238. The Middleton Family January 16, 2010

    Our prayers go out to all the people of Hati…we are patiently awaiting word on our sponsored child Mike Tayson (HA 784) which is only 4km east of the epicenter. If you have any information on this center please post it. We pray that Mike and his family are safe.

  239. al January 16, 2010

    To Vinessa Johnson…I spoke with a friend of mine who is from Haiti and he indicated Cabaret was a pretty good distance form the epicenter. We also sponsor a child in Cabaret (HA-236). My friend incidently has lost six family members thus far. Our prayers are for all the Haitians and our Brothers and Sisters World Wide who are helping with this relief effort.

  240. jennifer January 16, 2010

    I have a boy Kendy in the plains of dufort. He is in HA314 has anyone heard about the area west of port au prince that was closer to the epicenter.

  241. Jessica January 16, 2010

    My prayers go out to all families in Haiti. I am patiently waiting to hear of my child Jean Delens and pray that he and his family are safe. Please continue with all your prayers as it says in the bible “when two or more gather in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

  242. Peggy January 16, 2010

    Is there anything new about HA726? Do you know if anyone at the Macedonia Child Development Center was hurt? Is the building still standing? Any news please inform. Thanks for all you do. Continuing to pray.

  243. Clive and Michelle January 16, 2010

    Our beautiful child is Dieunica. She is at HA-727. We love you Dieunica and we pray for you and your family.

  244. Jane Podlin January 16, 2010

    Praying for all of Haiti and workers and CI. Our child Ruth Marie lives in Port-au-Prince and is at HA751. Anxiously awaiting news about this dear child and her family. Praying God’s mercy for all involved.

  245. Alyssa Schroeder January 16, 2010

    I’ve been praying for the people and children of Compassion and their safety.

    I’m donating $1-$2 to Compassion in Haiti for every comment on my blog! Feel free to share, thanks!


  246. Becky January 16, 2010

    I want to express my gratitude to the lengths Compassion is going to help everyone find out more information about the devastating situation in Haiti. Clearly, you have not only gone above and beyond helping release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, but you are committed to helping sponsors understand what is going on with the limited information you have. It is remarkable that within such a short time you posted information about project locations, earthquake severity, and even got some information from the Haiti office despite poor communications! Also, for people who have been unable to view all of the graphics, there always has been someone to tell them where their child’s project is located. I do not sponsor a child in Haiti, but I have found the information quite useful for both prayer and knowing that the Haitian church my church sponsors was in an area not every effected on the North coast. Thanks for being committed to transparency!!

  247. patty and bob long January 16, 2010

    We have a LDP student that we sponsor @ the Univ. of Haiti in Port au Prince. We are praying that he has survived this earthquake. How do we find out any information?

  248. Trevor Bulls January 16, 2010

    Our sponsored Child Frantzdy HA-800 lives in the earthquake area. Any news on our child would be great. Praying for Frantzdy!

  249. geary January 16, 2010

    Wondering if there is any information yet from HA726- Macedonia CD Center. Worried for all the children and little Jeffma.

  250. Vince January 16, 2010

    Our child, Dashcar, is at HA254 in Puits Blain, in PaP’s eastern suburbs. Is there any word on the children there?

  251. Kelly DeBardelaben < :) January 16, 2010


    Kelly D < 🙂

  252. Stephanie Smith January 15, 2010

    some of these posts are from sponsors who can’t find their project numbers on the haiti map. my understanding is that some of the projects are so near each other, one icon covers another. if you have your original sponsorship paperwork, you can look on the back of the main page. it will have a section on where your child lives in relationship to major cities. Do not despair. Compassion staff are working as fast as they can to find and minister to your children. This situation is similar to the response mounted when the tsunami took out so many projects. During this wretched wait, remember that your children heard about Jesus. – advocate #140

  253. Stephanie Smith January 15, 2010

    to sylvia, comment post #20. Sylvia – your child’s number reads country, project, child. If you number is HA 267-125, then your country is Haiti, your project # is 267 and your child is #125. Many, not all projects have approximately 200 kids at a time. Smaller child numbers can be an indication of a young/newer project or of a child enrolled when the project was new. There are always exceptions though, because some projects recycle the child numbers. Your project number – the first 3 digits-will stay the same. We are praying for all of you who have HA children and also of course for your children- compassion advocate

  254. Kari Gibelius January 15, 2010

    We have 2 boys, brothers Blendon and Blenson who are in #319. Please share any news you may find.

  255. Linda Cesare January 15, 2010

    My child’s name is Rachelle of the Tony Child Development Center HA782. Any news of her would be so appreciated. Thank you for your hard work.

  256. Vinessa Johnson January 15, 2010

    My child, David, lives in the plains of Cabaret, which I believe is 17 km west of Port-au-Prince. By the map, this location appears to be in the center of this crisis. Any idea when we will hear any specific updates. I know God performs miracles, as I’ve seen a few of these, and I’m praying for another one now. Please dear God, protect David from all harm, and be with all these precious people in Haiti. Only You can save them!

  257. Elaine January 15, 2010

    When will the names be posted of the children accounted for? I have two children in Port-au-Prince. Kerry will be 16 this Oct. and Jidlande Archite 10 in Aug. Pray for all the people affected and the rescue workers. Elaine

  258. Carey January 15, 2010

    I would very much like to know the distance between HA 310 and the epicenter of the quake. Has anyone any news about this or any other center. Thinking of you all!

  259. Teressia Ward-Zack January 15, 2010

    There is a new news story surfacing out of Colorado Springs from The Gazette. You may find it at this link:


    It’s mainly about Dan Woolley and my friend, David Hames, but guys…there’s always hope! I’m praying for all of you, your children and the rest of us who are left waiting…not knowing.

    I’m claiming Psalm 91 for ALL of us!

  260. Betty Lin-Fisher January 15, 2010

    To Becky Caffery Wille:
    Thank You so much for your post and update about the children at Les Cayes! We hope they are all safe and continue to pray for all of the children and families of Haiti

  261. Jan Parrish January 15, 2010

    Becky – Thank you very much for the update!!

  262. Mary Egbertson January 15, 2010

    I sponser Lazard. He attends the Carrefour Child Development Center HA-806. I have been praying for Lazard and his mother. Has anyone heard about how this project center faired?
    [email protected]

  263. Sylvia January 15, 2010

    Marie, it is HA765. I did some quick locating on a map and it looked about half way between Jeremie and Port-au-Prince, I just can’t find the number on the Compassion map. Thanks so much for your help.

  264. Rose January 15, 2010

    my child lives in Delmas too, I am eager to hear how that area is.
    I’m so glad this blog is here, I’ve been trying to figure out how to stay updated..thank you!

  265. Becky Caffery Wille January 15, 2010

    to Betty Lin-Fisher and Jan Parrish — I have a friend who has worked there and knows I sponsor 2 children there. I talked to her this afternoon and she has talked to the Pastor there at Camp-Perrin in Les Cayes and he said that everyone there is fine! Praise the Lord!

  266. Cynthia January 15, 2010

    thanks for the information, Patrick.

  267. Jennifer Craig January 15, 2010

    I sponser a child from Haiti, Jobson that lives in Delmas, a few miles from Port au Prince, he is in project #HA-806, the Nouvelle Jerusalem Child Center. I’m praying and hoping he is ok. Does anyone know about this projects condition?

  268. Gayle & Glen Bailey January 15, 2010

    Roselore #Ha790 in the community of Moinson is our sponsored child. Does anyone know if Moinson is safe? Does anyone know Roselore?

  269. al marvan January 15, 2010

    Our sponsored child lives in Cabaret which I understand is normally a 45 min drive from Port au Prince. I’d appreciate any information on if and how this area was affected.

  270. Walky January 15, 2010

    I am praying too for Compassion staff in Haiti and all the people there. I know God is going to restore Haiti. Yessss! God will do it!

  271. Emily Venesky January 15, 2010

    I am praying for 9 year old Marven Jean and all of the children in HA-800 as well as the nearby centers. As many of you have said, I pray that God will be glorified through this.

  272. Patrick January 15, 2010

    Cynthia: HA716 is on the other side of the bay, about 12 miles from PaP and 20 miles from the epicenter.

  273. Cynthia Breland January 15, 2010

    Like all of us, my prayers are with all who are impacted by this horrible disaster. I am trying to find out information about my sponsored child, Jennifer and her family. She is at HA716.

  274. Amy January 15, 2010

    Praying for David’s safe rescue.

  275. Kate January 15, 2010

    Teressia – I just learned from a friend who works at Compassion that they have found Dan Wooley alive, but to keep praying that they find David.

  276. Becky Caffery Wille January 15, 2010

    Has anyone heard anything from Les Cayes? My 2 children are there, one at 300 and the other at 303. I would like to know the extent of damage there and if relief is getting to people outside of Port-Au-Prince in areas such as Les Cayes. We’re praying for our kids and their families and for yours as well, and all those in Haiti.

  277. jennifer January 15, 2010

    Teressia, I just saw reports on Twitter that Dan Wooley has been found alive in the hotel remains and is being rescued as we speak. Quote “Thanks for praying…just learned one of our staff Dan Wooley has been found ALIVE and is being dug out of rubble of collapsed hotel! PTL!”

  278. Patrick January 15, 2010

    Lucy: HA806, the Nouvelle Jerusalem project, is about 2 miles from PaP and 16 miles from the epicenter.

  279. Dona Clark January 15, 2010

    My prayers are with compassion always, and my little boy and his family. The staff is so kins and helpful and I know you have had very difficult times these last couple of days. My church is also praying for all of the children, their families and the Compassion staff in Haiti. We know that our Heavenly Father is in control and that in time this will be turned around for good.People will see the Love of God through this tragedy. Love and Prayers to you all, Dona Clark

  280. Teressia Ward-Zack January 15, 2010

    I am desperate to find out any information regarding the film crew that was staying at the Hotel Montana! Please, please post anything you might know about David Hames and his friend, Dan (don’t know his last name) who are from Colorado Springs?

  281. John and Patsy Burton January 15, 2010

    Our sponsored child is identified as HA-736, who lives northwest of Miragoane. If you have any report of her condition or of conditions in that region west of Port-Au-Prince, we would appreciate it.

  282. Jan Parrish January 15, 2010

    My sponsored child, Joanise Dorisma, is at HA307 which I believe is in Les Cayes. Are there any updates on this area? Praying for all in Haiti.

  283. Jan Parrish January 15, 2010

    My sponsored child, Joanise, is at HA307 which I believe is in Les Cayes. Are there any updates on that area yet? Praying for all of Haiti.

  284. Lucy January 15, 2010

    Where is the “Nouvelle Jerusalem Child Development Center” located on the map?What number?

  285. Tania @ Larger Family Life January 15, 2010

    Still praying. Always praying.

    Calling all bloggers to join in with the BlogHop for Haiti with donations to go to Compassion International. Please, please spread the word ready for Monday’s launch.


    Let’s get word out there and do whatever we can!

  286. Marie January 14, 2010

    Sylvia, your child’s center number is the three digits after the HA. If you give me your number, I can help you.

  287. Betty Lin-Fisher January 14, 2010

    If I’m looking at the right number, our sponsored child, Jean Renet is at HA300 in Les Cayes, which I think is 70 miles west of Port au Prince. I can’t find that center on the map of centers. Any updates? Thank you so much.

  288. Vickie January 14, 2010

    Peggy, HA 726 is the Macedonia Development Center in Carrefour. It is located about 5 miles South of Port-au-Prince and the epicenter of the 7.0 was located 10 mi. SW of Port-au-Prince, so the quake was very near to it. I have not been able to get any news yet. Vickie

  289. Mark Mills January 14, 2010

    I still do not know about little Wilvens Jean. Oh Lord of all Lords, please protect him and his family.

  290. Erin January 14, 2010


    726 is in the cluster of centers near Port Au Prince.

    624 I’m having trouble location on Compassion’s map, but it at least appears that it is not in the area of greatest concern.

  291. Sylvia January 14, 2010

    I’m a bit confused as to how I find out my child’s center number. She’s in Haiti and I just want to make sure she’s okay. Any help you guys could give would be great.

  292. Michael January 14, 2010

    My church agreed to take a special offering for Haitian relief. I encourage you to ask your pastors to do the same.

  293. Donna Shipley January 14, 2010

    I have a child in St.Marc, I am so happy to hear the report there is no injuries there. Praying for all children and people of Haiti. This is so heart wrentching.

  294. lindsay sampson January 14, 2010

    i had a child i was sponsering that lived in Haiti but she had to drop out. am i able to find out if she and her family are okay?

  295. Penny Schwickerath January 14, 2010

    My husband was in St. Marc during the earthquake at Mission Possible with a missions team working on a vocational school. From all the reports I’ve read, though there was shaking, there were no injuries in that area.

  296. Andy January 14, 2010

    Great news! I continue to pray for the child I sponsor in Haiti and for Compassion’s staff.

  297. Kate January 14, 2010

    My prayers are with my little Stanley and his family–that all will be well as they are under the protection of our Lord Jesus. My prayers are with the people of Haiti today.

  298. Peggy Newport January 14, 2010

    I am praying for our sponsored child and also our past sponsored child of 15 years. I see the map with the numbers but cannot find either number of the two children. Do you know why? The numbers are 624 and 726. We are fairly certain they live near this area.We are praying for them along with all of the children and their families and the staff of CI.

  299. Vinessa January 14, 2010

    I am praying for the people in Haiti, and especially my child, David. They all need our continuous prayers.

  300. Lindy January 14, 2010

    Thank you so much for updating us! Any new information is a gift for those of us who are waiting and praying! I, too, noticed there are no Haitian children available for sponsoring now. I’m kind of guessing that they may have been taken off the site until Compassion knows what has happened with each child.

  301. Shaun Groves January 14, 2010

    BLOGGERS: Banners are available right now to raise funds for Compassion Haiti relief: http://bit.ly/HaitiBanners

    -Shaun Groves

  302. jennifer January 14, 2010

    There was an update on the our compassion page from a guy who was sponsored and is now a sponsor in Port-au-prince Ouest. He said that he visited his local church which is also the local project and it is still standing but he doesn’t know if it will be able to be used. I think it might be HA355, but not sure. He asked several times for prayer.

  303. Sally January 14, 2010

    I’m waiting to hear about my Jephete too. He and his family were in the Port Au Prince area. I hope they are safe – they’ve survived the hurricanes last summer and now this.

  304. Sara Benson January 14, 2010

    I just went on the website and was supprised to find that none of the 100 some kids that had been listed as waiting in Haiti are there any more.
    Were they all sponsored? Or were they just taken off the website till we hear how they all are?

  305. jennifer January 14, 2010

    A sponsored child turned sponsor who is living in Port au Prince Ouest just updated his our Compassion page. He said that he visited his church which is also the local project and it is standing. (I don’t know which project he is referring to.) He doesn’t know if it will be able to be used. He said quote “we do need your prayer. That’s the worst experience that my generation never leaved. Lots of buildings collapsed. Lots of people died. Please keep us in your prayers.”

  306. Jenny January 14, 2010

    That’s great news!

    I am praying continuously for my child in Doko and for all the children and relief workers in Haiti.

    I think it’s extremely important that we all be Haiti advocates right now, while the most good can be accomplished, while lives can still be saved and disease averted. I have been reposting information on Facebook all day, as it reaches the most people. Can you make a Donate Now banner I can put on my facebook page please?
    Thanks so much!

  307. Laura January 14, 2010

    Thanks so much for the update; we’re praying for our child’s family in Savane Carré, and especially for the children and staff in Port-au-Prince.

  308. Juli Jarvis January 14, 2010

    This is so good to know. Thank you for keeping us posted on news from Haiti — we are all praying so much for our Compassion family here and especially in Haiti.

  309. Black_Dove January 14, 2010

    Do you redirect and concentrate your efforts to a place like Haiti during this extraordinary crisis? Do you have what it takes to get in? Please inform us.

  310. Dawn Higley January 14, 2010

    I am praying and waiting to hear if my child’s family was affected or not. She lives in St. Marc.

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