This Is What Happens When Child Sponsorship Equips Pastors

Pastors from our local church partners around the world share seven surprising things your support makes possible and the lasting impact they are able to make when they are equipped by child sponsorship.

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How to Increase Your Church’s Impact on Global Poverty

You desire to develop disciples who are passionately engaged with the God-given mission to care for those living in extreme poverty. Yet, it can be difficult to know where to begin. These highlights from Barna’s latest study, The Good News About Global Poverty will provide you with some simple ideas to put into action today.

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What’s the Most Strategic Thing a Pastor Can Do to Alleviate Poverty?

There are many efforts behind which a pastor can put his or her energy and resources, but one action stands above all others to alleviate poverty.

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Be the Church More Than 80 Minutes a Week

I don’t understand why, in the 10,080 minutes of our week, we as the Church put most of our resources and efforts into the 80-minute gathering and forget the rest of the 10,000 minutes of our week.

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How Is My Money Used Each Month?

$38 a month. That’s how much it costs to sponsor a child through Compassion, which is more than the price of sponsorship at some organizations. The difference sometimes leads to questions such as: What does my child get each month for $38?”, and “Where is the money going that isn’t going to the children?”.

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Does a Child Have to Be a Christian to Enroll in Our Sponsorship Program?

Children are welcomed into our programs regardless of their faith. Although, we are unapologetically Christian and every child development center is connected to a Christian church or ministry.

That’s one of the things that makes us distinct. We’re church based.

While we provide the children and their families the opportunity to see living faith in action, hear the Gospel and be discipled in the ways of Christ, neither they nor their families are under any compulsion to become Christians.

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