Does a Child Have to Be a Christian to Enroll in Our Sponsorship Program?

In the contact center, we get many questions about how our sponsorship program operates. And one of the more common questions I am asked is about the enrollment process.

“Does a child have to be a Christian to be enrolled in Compassion’s program?”

The answer is, “No way!”

Does a Child Have to Be a Christian to Enroll in Our Sponsorship Program?

Children are welcomed into our programs regardless of their faith. However, we are unapologetically Christian and every child development center is connected to a Christian church or ministry.

That’s one of the things that makes us distinct. We’re church based.

While we provide the children and their families the opportunity to see living faith in action, hear the gospel, and be discipled in the ways of Christ, neither they nor their families are under any compulsion to become Christians.

But can you imagine the power of a child coming home and telling Bible stories to family members who are not followers of Christ? Can you picture that mom or dad watching the child transform in front of their eyes because of the love the child has for Jesus?

So, even though the answer is no, children do not have to be Christians to enroll or participate in our program, many children in our program do make the decision on their own to follow Jesus and His teachings — without any compulsion, other than the Holy Spirit’s.

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  1. joanne park April 17, 2012

    I’m not a christian and I’m sponsoring two boys through compassion. I don’t care if the kids are christian or not. But, I’m glad that they pray for me with their god’s name. I pray for them with all my hearts just i do for my kids.

  2. Patricia Parlett May 3, 2011

    I am a new sponsor so I have a gozillion questions. On this topic of Christianity, when I write to my child am I allowed to talk about my church and my beliefs. I am the director of my church’s vacation bible school and was going to write and share all the fun things we are doing, the theme verses for the week and some of the words to the songs, is that allowed? I know there may be some things lost in the translation, but I was hoping to share because it is fun stuff and my child could actually experience vacation bible school vicariously through me. I guess I am just wondering how little or how much I am allowed to share about my church and my faith.

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