How Can You Socially Distance in a Slum?

Four children stand in a slum in Kenya, where they are social distancing.

Social distancing is a luxury for the world’s most vulnerable, who live hand to mouth in crowded slums. How can they support their families while protecting them from COVID-19?

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How One Church Is Winning the Fight Against the Sex Trade in Thailand With Soccer

How This Church Is Winning the Fight Against the Sex Trade in Thailand With Soccer

At all hours of the day or night, young boys will exchange their lunch money for time in front of a computer. Captivated by the online games, they are not unlike addicts — unable and unwilling to cut the ties to the only escape they have from their challenging lives in the slums. But the game parlors hide a sinister and dangerous secret. These always-open, unsupervised establishments full of impoverished children make prime target areas for recruiters looking to pull boys and young men into the sex trade.

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We Belong to Each Other: Stories from Compassion Bloggers in Kenya

We Belong to Each Other: Stories From Compassion Kenya

As the Compassion Bloggers journeyed to local church communities across Kenya, one thing became clear to them: We’re not alone, we belong to each other.

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laundry drying outside on a clothesline in a slum

What Nightmares are Made Of

This slum is what nightmares are made of. Filled with what gifts are made of.

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slum in Kenya

What’s That Smell?

Mathare is a cruel place. A slum plagued by intense poverty and violence outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Home to more than 700,000 residents.

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large tree in the shadow of sunset

Once: A Story of Loss, Pain and Redemption in an African Slum

Once there was a place called Mathare. It was a hard place; a difficult place. But, there was also a place called the Kingdom of God.

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hillside overlooking slum in Kenya

How Can a Slum Start?

Eugene, one of our staff members in Kenya shares the three main reasons why slums develop in Kenya.

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holding hands

Holding Hands in the Kibera Slums

Bouncing over piles of trash and splashing through rivers of raw sewage, Katy held James’ hand in the front seat of the car, telling herself it was to cheer him. Later she would realize that she needed his hand to steel her and keep her brave.

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exterior of apartment housing in Kenya

They Shall Not Want

It is OK to feel forsaken. If David, Job, and Jesus did, it’s not a sin.

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man with glasses sitting at a counter looking out the window

Out of the Slums of Kenya

When Joshua Miago’s mother heard about Compassion, they went to a church and enrolled in the child sponsorship program. Then everything started to change.

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