The Goodness of God

It was nearly three years ago when my then 18-year-old son became a paraplegic due to a surgical error. I still remember, in the instant we were told the tragic news, I was immediately given two thoughts: “We are going to be OK” and “I only know this because I know that the Lord is, above all things, good.”

This truth became my bedrock for a faith that would carry me, my son, and my family in the days, weeks, and months to follow.

Our good God showed up repeatedly and made Himself known in a myriad of ways. From dear friends who cried and prayed with us and lovingly prepared meals, to specific answers to prayer and many more ways I cannot even express, God demonstrated His goodness.

His kindness paved the way to a deep, abiding peace.

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I encourage you to read Psalm 145 in its entirety. It is an amazing passage. From this passage, I learned two important truths that have served me well in this season.

  • If you look carefully, God has sewn a blessing into every day. Some days these blessings are easier to find than others, but no matter how dark a day felt, I could always find at least one blessing that He placed there just for me.
  • When you see that blessing, speak it out loud to someone else. Thoughts are too easily brushed aside or smothered with lies and sheer exhaustion. But when blessings are spoken out loud, that is praise at its finest. Once a praise is spoken, it is like light in a dark place, and it literally drives back the darkness and gives hope for one more day.

So, the next time you are faced with a season that seems impossible to bear, remember:

The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. All your works praise you, LORD. —Psalm 145:9–10a, NIV

Prayer: Father, help us see the blessings You have sewn into each new day, and give us the courage to tell others of Your goodness.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sean Dana is an International Trip Manager at our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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  1. Becky May 13, 2012

    Sean, it’s been an honor to watch you lead your family through this. You (all four of you) are an inspiration and an awesome example of faith and trust. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey.

  2. Nankunda Hilda May 12, 2012

    Thanks Sean, for sharing what God is telling us through you. I am blessed to learn from your experience when faced with challenging situations. ……look out for a blessing in each day and speak it out!

  3. Beth Luebke May 11, 2012

    Sean, this is beautifully written and what an apt word. I continue to praise God that you led our trip back in May, 2009 to Honduras. Without you, without that trip, and without what God was doing, my life would be drastically different. I really like the picture that is placed with this because I think so fondly of you telling the story of being in the middle of the river and seeing how you were right in the middle of God’s will. I often recall that image and ask God to help me see that I will not drown.

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