Become a Missionary Without Leaving Home

I used to dream of becoming a missionary. I envisioned a life where I’d speak multiple languages, travel the world and share the love of Jesus with the people I’d meet.

And while that never happened, the amazing thing is, God fulfilled that dream in my heart when I answered His call to sponsor a child. Sure, it’s not exactly the same thing. But for me, knowing I can reach across the miles to make a difference in the life of a child and fulfill my calling here at home, well that is a dream fulfilled.

So when you watch this fun video think about all the way that you too are a missionary — and share a few in the comments!

You can also view Become a Missionary Without Leaving Home on YouTube.

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  1. Mike April 13, 2016

    This is very interesting i will like to contribute to this mission through prayers,is there any situation that your need prayers?,because i know that there some challenges out there, please get back to me through my email,God bless your,

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan April 13, 2016

      Mike, thank you so much for your heart to pray for our ministry! I’m sending you an email now with more information on becoming a prayer partner with us!

      1. Beniginus April 25, 2016

        Hello my dear….good afternoon…my name Mr Beniginus oparah…please I’m interested to know more about you….where are you from…..please tell me more about you….thank you so much….I’m waiting to hear from you soon…..

        1. Emily Vanhoutan
          Emily Vanhoutan April 25, 2016

          Hi Mr. Beniginus! Compassion International is a non-profit, child development agency that works with existing church-based organizations. The funds that we receive are donated from sponsors for individual children in Compassion-assisted projects, to provide for their spiritual, educational, health and nutritional needs. Our headquarters is located here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. We work in 26 different countries around the world. Please email us at if you are interested in partnering with us or if you need assistance.

  2. simon April 5, 2016

    Hi, there! i know everything works for good, for those who trust upon the Lord and serve him with faithfulness and intergrety, for i want to appreciatte so much that work that your, are doing SHALOM

  3. Daniel Juma March 15, 2016

    Hello! It is awesome! I love missionary work. May our good God keep straightening you and yours in all you are and what you will be doing for Him and with Him.Is great good work dirtect from our father in heaven. Bless you brother!

  4. JUDDY March 2, 2016

    Praise the Lord brethren.Thanks for the work you are doing may the Lord bless judy from kenya…a single mother of one..and so much wanting to go to the first born in a family of six..28 YEARS OLD.i cant easily get a job because i dnt have papers not because am not bright but because i dnt have an opportunity to go to college since my parents were struggling to tke the rest of my siblings to high school.I would love to do nursing..may the Lord guide me on how to go about it..bless you al

    1. Susan Sayler March 3, 2016

      Juddy, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Please email about getting help from Compassion. Thank you and God bless you!

  5. Martin Masinde February 26, 2016

    Wonderful work!!! True and pure religion is exactly what you are doing. Many blessings to you and your great team.

  6. Steven Ndhlovu February 14, 2016

    Looking forward to preach gospel

  7. Ravi Kumar February 8, 2016

    Hello, Praise the Lord.
    I am pastor Kumar, I shared gospel with many people and starting churches in different places. I found that i con’t do much work alone then i choose 38 young people (20 years-35 years aged people) who are ready to give up their lives to Jesus Christ. We became a group and sharing Jesus every where in India. In some areas we found that some children who became child labor and found some women who are working as sex slaves. Our heart has broken. We need your help to rescue all them and to give new life in Jesus for them. Could you please provide any helpful information about any training for all our your pastors, and about for child laborers, sex slaves.

    either we die of live does not important, But we live for Jesus until our last breath.
    We need one hand who could help us, Please help us to do more work for Jesus.

    1. Susan Sayler February 8, 2016

      Hi Ravi! Please email us at for more information about partnership. Thank you and God bless you!

  8. martin lokosen February 3, 2016

    Honour to have this opportunity expressing my issues about my area that i am living,actually things are difficult in my place we have poor children,orphans. and how can i get help of supporting them on the basic needs and motivate them on the environment they are found.surely we accommodate them in the church compound others are taken care by caretakers,i am pastor martin lokosen from Turkana-Kenya,i can still prove this through evident of some pairs of photos, thanks be blessed amen.

    1. Sarah
      Sarah February 3, 2016

      Martin, please email us at for more information on sponsorship.

  9. Lexxie Majira January 16, 2016

    I love missinary work and thats awesome

  10. Lexxie Majira January 16, 2016

    I am alex from kenya,my dream is to become missionary and be able to spread the gospel and help people in need.i am a former street boy and now i am taking care of street family in kenya who dont have a home but spends theair life time in street eating in the gabbage and sleeping in the cold and thats what i long to change the life situation

  11. Ah Phu December 20, 2015

    Greetings from Myanmar.I’m interested in working with you for the Lord.Do you have vision for Myanmar?
    In Christ,
    Bro.Ah Phu

    1. Sarah
      Sarah December 21, 2015

      Hi Ah Phu! We appreciate your love for the Lord and desire to work with Compassion. Please email us at for more information.

  12. Abdul Adrian Koroma December 8, 2015

    hello, I am interested in joining and participating with you in the end time plan of harvest. Can you tell me how I can be involved

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan December 8, 2015

      Hi Abdul! Thank you for your interest in partnering with our ministry and blessing children in our program! You’re welcome to begin the process of sponsoring a child in our program, here. If you’re interested in working with our ministry in your country, please email us at for more information. God bless you!

  13. john moses December 7, 2015

    i’m interested in working for the lord with my physical straight….

    1. Susan Sayler December 7, 2015

      John, please email us at with more information about where you live so that we can try to get you connected. Thank you and God bless!

  14. francis Junior November 9, 2015

    Am a student in a bible school in kenya (east african school of theology ) i know God called me to the nation of Heiti to preach the gospel and help the suffering but i cant get there by my self because of financial challanges, If any one can help me to get there am willing to Go serve the Lord freely and to volunteer among the needy people if you can help me in anyway i will be so greatfull. may God bless you

    1. Susan Sayler November 10, 2015

      Francis, we appreciate your desire to work with children overseas but Compassion does not send missionaries to help in our student centers and churches. Compassion partners with local churches in the areas where we work, and they staff their own centers with local people from their own community. We want to be as culturally and language appropriate as possible and believe that it is best that locals minister to their own people. Compassion is there to assist financially and to help train the workers. We also act as an advocate for the centers as well as to help hold them accountable to Compassion’s standards. However, we do have centers in your own country of Kenya. Please email us at if you would be interested in more information about working in Kenya.

  15. Rev Manyonga Seba September 7, 2015

    Dear Susan Sayler

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Let me introduce to you I am a Pastor hear in Kenya but I am a Refugee from Congo DRC
    When I get here from Congo from Congo with an other Refugees many of the have Lost hope
    God show to start a church to give them hope now I have a Church for 500 members but all of them are a Refugees venerable people their children are go to school because their have not fees please come to visit us and to give them hope and when you come God will show you how you cane work with us
    I will be happy to hear from you
    Rev Manyonga Seba

    1. Sarah
      Sarah September 8, 2015

      Hello Rev Manyonga! I am sorry to hear how many of the refugees have lost hope. I will be praying for the Lord to restore their hope and courage in the coming days. In the meantime, please email regarding partnership with Compassion. Thank you!

  16. Simon Ochola May 29, 2015

    I start by applauding the good work God is doing through this organization. I believe that by supporting a child you support an entire community. There is great power in empowering children and others in general. Keep the good work please, it makes God happy. Also we here at Gospel Witness Ministries believe that in you are the right vessels to partner with in this ministry. Kindly liase with us for more details at both ends. Blessings

    1. Susan Sayler June 1, 2015

      Hi Simon! Please email us at about partnership. Thank you!

      1. olokan temidayo September 30, 2015

        Please How can I be a short time missionary (volunteer) and what will it cost me. thanks

        1. Sarah
          Sarah October 1, 2015

          Hi Olokan! Please email as at to learn more about partnering with us.

  17. benson nyagiro okumu April 17, 2015

    i am apastor ministering twelve churches, three churches in kenya nine in uganda. i am taking care of seven orphans in kenya , total and twenty one in uganda tororo district. i have been praying to meet people of God like you and you are. i thank God first and welcome you join me,if you will to asist this needy children. there are many orphans suffering but we will open the vihecle the sooner you partiner with us.this situation invites your urgent support.i have done my part and wait to ear from you.

  18. Pastor Robert April 7, 2015

    Thank you for the good work., we need to work with you.

    1. Susan Sayler April 7, 2015

      Hi Pastor! Please email us at for more information about partnership. Thank you!

  19. JAMES ASONMBUGU April 6, 2015

    I wan to be part of your missionary training

    1. Susan Sayler April 6, 2015

      Hi James! We do not typically send missionaries. However, if you are interested in partnering or working for us, please email us at with your location for more information.

  20. Samuel matieso April 4, 2015

    Dear Friend in Christ
    Warm christian greetings in the Lord’s name.i have 1 congregations which
    is not under any ministry and caring for 5 orphans , but i praise God for
    directing me to you by visiting your website and surely am very much encouraged
    with the truth you have and many people claim that they know but the truth is,
    they have no personal relationship with Him, they don’t know what to
    believe, please i need your help by teaching me more about this truth of the
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    pastor Samuel

    1. Susan Sayler April 6, 2015

      Hi Samuel! Please email us at and we would be happy to help you further.

      1. IMBUTSA BALLE January 12, 2016


        1. Emily Vanhoutan
          Emily Vanhoutan January 12, 2016

          Hi there! Please email us at and we can give you more information about partnering with us. -Emily

  21. BSP. LAWRENCE ARENGA OMEGA March 10, 2015

    In my life Ihave met with many missioneries from USA. we have interuct with they they have good ideas the y have tought us good things but im admiring to work outside my country one of the fine days ineed many prayers from my friends both out side and in my country kenya for the work of God to advance in the true gospel thanks

  22. BSP. LAWRENCE ARENGA OMEGA March 10, 2015

    Iam just working in my country kenya.Ihave not find away outside but if God can open way Ican be proud and say thanks to the Lord.Pray for me God to open breakthrough.

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan March 10, 2015

      Hi there! We are standing with you in prayer that God would open doors for you to find employment that allows you to work in your passions. God has wonderful plans for you and I pray that He would bless your future endeavors!

  23. joe March 8, 2015

    Hi, God bless you for the great work you are doing. Pls, I’ll love to know the countries your mission is working presently

    1. Susan Sayler March 9, 2015

      Hi Joe! We work in 27 countries all around the world. Find a map and list of countries, here.

  24. Naom February 8, 2015

    thank you for the great work you are doing God bless you

  25. BSP. LAWRENCE ARENGA OMEGA January 21, 2015


    1. Susan Sayler January 21, 2015

      Hi Lawrence! Please email us at about partnering. Thank you!

  26. solomon Emmanuel January 14, 2015

    Dear minister of the most high God,
    We are a newly established congregation that are seeking for
    the truth, for islamic militant called boko harram destroy all we have in life ,please if
    you have books and bibles , you can send it to us. We also need help in our orphanage home and school.Thank you.
    Pastor solomon Emmanuel

    1. Racheal October 5, 2015

      Hi Solomon,
      I am a Nigerian and I know what you are going through. I would want to help, tell me how to help.

      In the Lord’s Vineyard.

    2. Susan Sayler January 14, 2015

      Hi Pastor! Please email us at about how to partner with us. Thank you!

  27. Aloice Okuku January 9, 2015

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and savior, my name is Aloice Okuku from Kenya, I do missionary work to serve the orphans and needy children, I have around 400 orphans and needy children in Uganda Rwenzori region and Southern Sudan, this started when I first visited Sudan in the year 2008 when the children asked me if i can become a father to them, I have been helping them since then until recently i just come from Uganda to feed the needy children and orphans. I want to become a full time missionary so that I can help this children since just depending on small donations I get from friends and relatives cannot be enough to help this children.
    I need your help to become a full time missionary to help the children.

    1. Susan Sayler January 9, 2015

      Hi Aloice! We do not work in Sudan but we do work in Uganda. Please email for more information on partnership. Thank you!

  28. reuben koech December 8, 2014

    i am home in Kenya and I have orphans and needy school and I would like to know more about your ministry,
    This are children that some are total orphans and some with one parent and other are poor.
    God bless you as I hear from y
    kabianga home p o box 9 kericho kenya

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan December 8, 2014

      Hi there! Thank you for your heart to help children in Kenya! Please email us at for more information on partnering with us and finding sponsor’s for these children.

  29. Benjamin Bankole October 2, 2014

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.My name is Benjamin Bankole I am from Nigeria .I am studying and training to become a missionary.I have been studying on my own for some time now.I have also been working very hard on my own to become a misionary but I feel it is time to ask for some little help.I need you to help me become a missionary.I also need a personal computer for my online study and training,I do not have one.The one I am using now is that of a cyber cafe.Help me and I know the Almighty God who I am seeking to serve will greatly reward you for your contribution in making my being a missionary a reality.I hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan October 2, 2014

      Hello Benjamin! Thank you so much for your passionate heart to help the lost and pursue the calling God has placed on your life! Compassion International is a non-profit child development agency that works with existing church-based organizations. The funds that we receive are donated from sponsors for individual children that are registered in Compassion-assisted projects to provide for their educational, health, and nutritional needs. It is our policy to register children ages nine and under into our programs. Regrettably, we do not have access to additional funds to help with outside ministries nor are we currently working in Nigeria. I am sorry that we are unable to assist you with purchasing a laptop and becoming a missionary but I pray that the Lord would provide another way for you. God bless you and thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with others in Nigeria!

  30. Fidelis Ahura September 30, 2014

    I find it hard to disobey the word that says: “go ye into the world and preach”. Jesus did not support the idea of not leaving one’s house which is disobedience to His command no matter how subtle that call of not leaving home may sound to yoi. If you want to do Jesus’ work do it and if you dont want to do it I can only pray for God to strengthen you to obey his word completely.

  31. Pastor Albert Waswa September 20, 2014

    I work in Kenya and I have orphans and needy school and I would like to know more about your ministry,
    This are children that some are total orphans and some with one parent and other are poor.
    God bless you as I hear from you.

    1. Susan Sayler September 22, 2014

      Hi Pastor! Please email us at for more information about partnering with Compassion.

  32. thomas September 18, 2014

    I come from Kenya and I am a physically disabled person. I love to make christian friends. Thank you for your wonderful work. May God continue blessing you abundantly.

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan September 18, 2014

      Hello Thomas! Thank you for your encouragement. I am very sorry for your situation but God has big plans for your life! I pray that the Lord would use your story as a testimony of His goodness and faithfulness :).

  33. Pastor Albert Waswa August 27, 2014

    May God bless all that take care and support orphans and widows.You are not doing to me but to God.

  34. Pastor.D.Christopher Vijayakumar August 26, 2014

    God love’s all children’s.

  35. Pastor Albert Waswa August 24, 2014

    God bless you all for the work of the kingdom you are’s not in vain.

  36. GEOFFREY W. KISAKA July 31, 2014

    Glory to God for the great ministry the lord has put on your heart-God bless

  37. Mark Masese July 22, 2014

    Am from Kenya and i would love to hear from please.Am ministering to the poor and reaching many with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. Susan Sayler July 22, 2014

      Hi Mark! Please email us at about partnering your ministry with us. God bless you!

  38. pastor moses welikhe July 1, 2014

    I pray to be part of the missionary work and learn alot from missionaries so as to touch the lives of dying generations in depth of darkness with the hope of Jesus.pastor moses welikhe

  39. Dr. Diana June 12, 2014

    I met so many missionaries in my life. I always try to learn about God from them. Thanks for this great article post.


    1. Lucas February 16, 2015

      Hi, I Lucas and Pastor Julius from Kiambiu slums need to partner with you in promoting the word of God in Kiambiu slum in Nairobi kenya. The ministry is growing, we have children feeding program, sponsorship in school, and the youth programs -promoting tallents and preaching the word of God through tallents. more is on the way good bye

      1. Emily Vanhoutan
        Emily Vanhoutan February 16, 2015

        Hi Lucas! Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with us! I just sent you an email with additional information. God bless you :).

    2. Pastor Albert Waswa August 22, 2014


  40. Kris June 10, 2014

    This is great!

    1. Jacquie Parella June 11, 2014

      Thank you Kris!!

  41. Katy Causey June 4, 2014

    Love your heart, Jacquie! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Jacquie Parella June 6, 2014

      Thank you Katy!! 😀

  42. Janet Autherine June 2, 2014

    Beautiful job! This speaks to every parent who wants to do more but is swamped at home doing God’s work with the kids.

    1. Jacquie Parella June 11, 2014

      Thank you Janet!!

    2. Jacquie Parella June 6, 2014

      So glad you enjoyed it Janet!!

  43. Robert June 2, 2014

    I’m an Online Missionary since 2007 at Global Media Outreach. Maybe, this could be another way of being a missionary from home for you too. GOd bless you all.

    1. Jacquie Parella June 2, 2014

      That’s awesome Robert!! Especially with how much technology is being used today. You can reach people in such a unique way. People who may never have had the chance to hear the Gospel otherwise. God bless your work!!

      1. patrick musiomi June 6, 2015

        thats true jacquie parella be blessed

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