17 Gorgeous Photos of Gardens Around the World

A farmer stands in fields in the early morning in Indonesia

In these photos of gardens around the world, you’ll see more than just plants.

In these gardens are vegetables — but also opportunities. Fruits are flourishing — and so are small businesses started by families living in poverty. A fledgling sprout peeking up from the soil can signify a better future for a child. Because people in poverty who can grow successful gardens have not only a source of nutritious food, but also a source of income.

When I’m tending my garden, I sometimes think of the family I met in a drought-ridden region of Uganda whose entire livelihood changed after they received goats. The goats provided fertilizer that helped the family’s parched gardens come back to life. When the coffee and banana plants began to grow, so did the family’s income. That’s why many of Compassion’s frontline partners around the world teach families how to start and maintain flourishing gardens.

Take a look at these photos of gardens around the world — and then look again to see what else is there.


A woman wearing a long skirt, sweater and hat holds vegetables in a garden in Brazil. A toddler wearing a hat stands near her.

Benita and 2-year-old Gabriela’s garden grows lettuce, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, cucumber and tomatoes.


A girl wearing a shawl, dress and flip-flops uses a plastic carton with holes in the bottom to water a garden in Tanzania

Esther, 11, uses a jerry can with to water her grandmother’s vegetable garden.

A baby sits on a blanket spread out in a garden in Tanzania as her parent works with a hoe nearby

Baby Bhoke watches her hardworking mother hand-plough their garden with a hoe.


A girl walks through a strawberry garden in Thailand

Chonnipa, 13, helps her family harvest strawberries in northern Thailand.


A youth stands in a greenhouse garden in Guatemala. Tomatoes are growing on vines around him.

Enoc, 14, checks on the income-generating tomato garden at his Compassion center.


A person wearing a colorful dress sprinkles water on colorful plants in a garden in Rwanda

Ruth, 21, does her daily chore of watering the plants behind her family’s home.


A youth wearing a pink shirt and purple pants holds a watering can made of a 2-liter soda bottle. She is squatting in a garden and ready to pour water on the plants

Mayra, 13, uses a recycled container to water the vegetable gardens behind her home.


A girl holds a bundle of large green onions in her garden in Indonesia

By giving special care to her spring onions, 8-year-old Velove won a gardening contest.

Meisy is wearing a black shirt. She is in the garden with her mother, Lusiana. They are peeking around the plants at each other. Their home is in the background.

Nine-year-old Meisy and her mother, Lusiana, peek around the bean trellis they built outside their home.

El Salvador

A photo of a garden in El Salvador shows children holding a basket of vegetables. They are standing in a vegetable garden

These girls’ flourishing garden grows tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables with the help of fertilizer from livestock they received.


A group of gardeners stand in a garden in Colombia holding their straw hats and smiling

These teenagers say hi from a pineapple farm they help care for at their Compassion center.

Sri Lanka

A child holds up a piece of fruit picked from a garden in Sri Lanka

Nine-year-old Yeneth shows off some tomatoes harvested from the garden that has helped feed his family during the pandemic.

Two sisters wearing matching blue and black polka dot dresses are in a garden in Sri Lanka. The younger one is carrying a watermelon she picked.

Sisters Dinethma and Dinuki collect a watermelon from their family’s income-generating garden.


A man is watering small plants in a garden with water from the large jugs filled at the river in Kenya

Can you imagine having to fill up jerry cans at a river to water your entire garden like this man does? He does it for the children who will get to eat the fruits and vegetables that grow there.


A woman wearing traditional Bangladeshi clothing stands in a vast tea garden

To earn a meager income for her family, Dipty picks leaves every weekday from morning to evening in this tea garden.


A child holds a bunch of lettuce grown in a garden in Brazil

Ivamberto has found joy caring for his family’s lettuce garden while staying home more during the pandemic.

Photos of Gardens = Photos of Hope

These photos of gardens around the world remind me of children who live in poverty. They need nourishment and light to thrive. I’m so happy that as a sponsor I can provide some of that through letters and by equipping our local partners to help them grow into their full potential.

International photography by Ben Adams, Vera Aurima, Odessa B., Chuck Bigger, Javier Elis, Eric D. Lema, Sara Navarro, Daniel Robson, J. Sangma, Piyamary Shinoda, Emily Turner, Doreen Umutesi and Daniela Velasco.

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