4 Creative Ways to Pray for the Child You Sponsor

When I was a little girl, I used to say the same prayer every night. It started with “Now I lay me down to sleep” and it ended with a sleepy “Amen.”

It was a good way for me to learn about the practice of prayer, but soon I found myself saying the words without thinking. The same thing happened when I grew older and learned the Lord’s Prayer. Those beautiful, powerful words of Jesus became something I am ashamed to say I said with little thought.

Has that ever happened to you? Your prayers feel like they start to lose weight and emotion? Then I’m here to help you shake things up, specifically as you pray for children in poverty!

Here are four creative and new prayers for the child you sponsor to help you deepen your talks with God!

4 NEW Ways to Pray for the Child You Sponsor in 2019!

1. Give Yourself a Reminder

There’s a jingle bell in my car that rings when I make a turn (or am driving in particularly crazy traffic). And with each ring, I lift up a quick prayer for Bilha, the little girl I sponsor in Guatemala. That happy little sound reminds me to pray for her happiness. I ask God to give her joy at that moment, and that brings a smile to my face too. Even if the traffic is crazy.

2. Take a Prayer Walk

The next time you decide to go out for a walk, turn it into a prayer walk, both for the child you sponsor, as well as other children in poverty. When you pass a house with puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney, pray for your child’s home and safety. If you walk by children playing in the yard, pray for your child’s friendships. When you walk by a school, pray for his or her education. The possibilities are only limited by the length of your walk!

3. Pray about the News

When you hear a news report about something happening in another country, will you lift up a prayer for the people living there? Pray for those suffering during natural disasters. Pray for children who are surrounded by war and violence. Your own local news can remind you to pray too – a weather report is a good time to pray that the children Compassion serves will have warm, dry homes to protect them from the elements.

4. Pray Over Your Letters

The next time you write a letter, will you say a prayer before you seal the envelope, or click send? Pray that your words will be received at the exact right time. That your letter will be placed in your child’s hands when he or she needs to hear your words the most. Your letters are such a powerful instrument of hope – tuck a little prayer into your next note.

But however you pray, we can’t thank you enough for doing it!

And why not join others who are praying to release kids from poverty?


Do you have any fun ideas of how you can remind yourself to pray for the child you sponsor? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Ann January 2, 2019

    We pray for our sponsored and correspondent children at supper. My youngest child has always asked God’s blessing on his grown sibling who moved away to college when he was still quite young and now lives across the country. We are going to start praying specifically for the needs of one child a day (we’ve five to pray for) tonight. I felt like our dinner prayer was kind of becoming rote, like mentioned in the post, so I think if I bring one child’s needs to the table each evening it will have the benefit of helping my husband and son get to know the kids better as I’m the one who writes. I also read the news updates from each country my kids live in by googling the name of the country and “today’s news”. This often gives me direction in my prayers. I have not been a sponsor that long and am still awaiting first letters. I can’t wait to receive personal prayer requests from them.

  2. Maureen Juliet January 1, 2019

    Prayer is a very powerful tool.It works wonders & miracles in the lives of our children because Our father in heaven always knows our needs & responds on time.One way to remind oneself to pray for sponsored child is by having a prayer calendar/diary & praying for your child on a daily basis with each day having something special to pray about.The letters also creates a close relationship between the sponsor & the child & one can also reflect on the letters the child writes about school,weather,challenges ,Family members well-being & also their successes.

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