What Is Child Sponsorship, Really?

How do you describe the very real, very tangible effects of child sponsorship?

We hear so many gut-wrenching stories of hopelessness from the field – those embattled, crime-ravaged, destitute places across the globe affectionately known as home to an estimated 1 billion children.

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Stories of children stealing, dealing, begging and running to merely stay alive. Poverty for these children means they are disadvantaged at best and targets at worst.

But our story isn’t just about the dangers and complexity of poverty. We have a much more celebratory story to tell.

We hear just as many heart-warming stories from our sponsors and from the field — stories of surprising grace, connected families, meaningful interactions, and flat-out inspiring testimonies. Through these stories, we are reminded that there is a much bigger narrative underlying our efforts – a narrative written by Jesus, sustained by the gospel, and participated in by us all.

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Child Sponsorship is about the good news of Jesus wearing flesh and making new things out of old things in our midst. [Tweet this]

What is child sponsorship, really?

It’s not simply about programs and supplies. We find that child sponsorship is a merging of gut-wrenching and heart-warming stories — stories that bind together to create a beautiful chapter in a large book chronicling God’s movement in the making new of things.

Sponsoring a child is about choosing love over turning a blind eye.

Perhaps Paul’s famous words in 1 Corinthians 13 extend far beyond wedding aisles. Maybe Paul wanted to give us not only a helpful checklist of love actions, but also a beautiful picture of how love behaves. Maybe Paul’s whole message during his “love does, love does not” message is simply this:

Love participates.

Child sponsorship is about participation. Sponsoring a child is an exciting, humbling, invested experience that really is changing the world.

More than 1.4 million children are experiencing the world differently because their sponsors are sharing that same experience – seeing the world a bit differently and more clearly, their lives altered by correspondence.

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It’s these stories that inspire us – stories where love participates, dreams are awakened, and people are changed. And it’s for that reason that we are creating a special campaign called #SponsorChange where we will seek to share our stories of how child sponsorship is actively changing the world.

#SponsorChange is about sharing stories and extending invitations to participate in the experience of child sponsorship.

We believe child sponsorship is an experience that changes both child and sponsor. From writing letters, sharing pictures, sending gifts – a bond is formed between sponsors and their children that is surprising and inspiring.

When sponsors choose to participate, the world becomes a better place for impoverished children.

Choosing to sponsor a child has a bigger impact than you might think – your sponsorship is an answered prayer and the spark of a relationship.

Your sponsorship initiates hope and extends opportunity.

Choosing to sponsor a child is the beginning chapter in a wonderful story written by God – of how two unconnected lives can suddenly become a heaven-drenched experience.

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These experiences should be shared, for they are ongoing testimonies to the creative work of God throughout the world.

During the #SponsorChange campaign, we will capture stories of sponsors who have grown a surprising, unique relationship with their sponsored children. We’ll share stories of how sponsors are affected by their sponsorship and how sponsored children are changed through our programs.

And the best part? You get to be involved in this story!

Here are four simple ways, for four different types of people, to join our story:

  1. Become a child sponsor today. We have lots of resources and helpful information to help you find the child whose world you’ll forever change.
  2. If you are already a sponsor, tell us your story by tweeting or pinning six words that describe your sponsorship experience with Compassion using #6words. Be creative! We’ll share our favorites on our Twitter and Pinterest boards.
  3. Be a social advocate by tweeting or sharing this post. You have people in your network who are unaware of the simplicity, beauty and effect of child sponsorship. Help us share the word and use #SponsorChange.
  4. If you want to know if sponsorship really is valuable, watch this video of a former Compassion beneficiary, Olive, as she shares her story.

What is child sponsorship, really?

It’s an adventurous act of love that changes the world. We’d love to know your story. Share your sponsorship experience with us in the comments, or sponsor a child today!

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  1. silas gatobu January 19, 2014

    As achild many years ago ihad asponser from corlorado by the name JO ANN VALLEY..Iwould like to thank her for what she did to me..iwuld be very greatful if any one passes this message to her she was like amother to me.MAY GOD BLESS YOU JO ANN..

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