It Takes a Village: Meet Staff Who Live Out the Call for Community

I’ve always loved the sentiment “It takes a village.” To me, those four words encapsulate the most powerful aspect of human growth and development: community. We all have a village surrounding us. And so does each and every child in the Compassion program.

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5 Helpers Caring for Kids Behind the Scenes

A woman is surrounded by children, hugging her.

My favorite thing to do when visiting a Compassion center is to look for the helpers. I hug the cook and thank her for lunch. I find a tutor and tell her how the sacrifices she makes are changing lives. And I shake hands with a pastor and thank him for showing each precious child the love of Jesus. Today, will you wander with me to find the helpers?

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in good hands baby

Your Child Is in Good Hands

My heart is overflowing as I return to the dry climate and high altitude of my Colorado Springs home from my first trip to the island of the Dominican Republic. I left with a deepened assurance of the investment that the project staff have in each child. Have you ever wondered about the hearts of our staff? I pray that I can convey just a glimpse of the depth of compassion they hold within them.

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Jacki Nyaga

Ministry Insider: Jackie Nyaga, A Voice for Children in Poverty

Our field staff are some of the most remarkable people around! Jackie Nyaga is no exception.

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group of children wearing orange shirts

Servant Leadership Lived Out

Our ministry in Bangladesh has been blessed by excellent managers who are contributing to the lives of marginalized children. Piyush is one of those making differences in the local community with his intelligence, talent, creativity and, most importantly, his heart for God and children.

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large groups of adults outside a building

God Chooses Us to Serve

If God were to hatch a plan to save millions of children and release them from poverty, to bring them life, would He choose people like us to do it?

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smoke from a wildfire


After meeting our staff and church partners on the field, reports of natural disasters, civil unrest and family tragedies suddenly becomes more personal.

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group of children in front of Compassion sign

I Love My Job!

Mathilda thanks God every day for her job with Compassion in East Indonesia.

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two happy boys sitting in front of a fence

Living a Different Life

How much do our lives really differ from our neighbors? Our parties, gatherings, duties, calendar, and concerts may be “Christian,” but do we really spend our time any differently?

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group of children wearing red sweaters outside with an adult

A Day In the Life of a Ministry Social Worker

Alemnesh loves ministering to children and watching them grow into mature Christian citizens. A typical day for Alemnesh is very busy — but rewarding.

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holding hands

Holding Hands in the Kibera Slums

Bouncing over piles of trash and splashing through rivers of raw sewage, Katy held James’ hand in the front seat of the car, telling herself it was to cheer him. Later she would realize that she needed his hand to steel her and keep her brave.

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group of eight smiling children

We Are That Voice

Thank God for giving us the opportunity to speak for the voiceless children of the world.

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