Facts About Nicaragua: The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Girl wearing a green dress and pink sandals and is sitting with a friend, wearing a white shirt, a red skirt and black sandals. They are sitting in one of the newly constructed classrooms of a Compassion center. The project tutor is in the front of the classroom, wearing a red plaid shirt and blue pants.

Nicaragua is home to beautiful Caribbean beaches, active volcanoes and Central America’s largest lake. And amid its natural beauty, you’ll find even more beautiful people and culture. Learn some interesting facts about Nicaragua that will help you get to know this vibrant country where so many Compassion-assisted children live.

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Pastor Makes His Own Mask and Gives Away His Own Food to the Poor in His Community

A man wearing a bottle for a face mask hands out food.

Meet a superhero: Pastor Ganiban! He’s using whatever he can so he can give whatever he has to those struggling. This man is just so incredible, using faith to fight fear during this global pandemic.

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Four children stand in a slum in Kenya, where they are social distancing.

How Can You Socially Distance in a Slum?

Social distancing is a luxury for the world’s most vulnerable, who live hand to mouth in crowded slums. How can they support their families while protecting them from COVID-19?

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A horse stands next to a boat in front of a lake and volcano.

Nicaragua Unrest: After Tourism Drops, Hunger Rises

Amidst the political unrest in Nicaragua in 2018, tourism came to a standstill. The decline meant one thing to families living in poverty in La Flor, Nicaragua: malnutrition.

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A collage of photos including a girl and mom standing in a doorway of a wood home, two girls hugging in front of a green wood wall and three children sitting on a bridge together.

This Is Where I Live: 7 Children Share Their Homes

Have you wondered what the homes of children living in extreme poverty might be like? Children from each of the seven countries where we work in Central America and the Caribbean took us on a tour of their homes! We hope having a glimpse into the homes of typical sponsored children in this region will help you know how you can pray for them — and how very much your support means!

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A woman in a pink shirt, jeans and a baseball cap sits on a turquoise bike on a roadside, with a sign behind her that reads,

7 People Who Defeated Poverty With Their Sponsors

Read the stories of just a few people whose lives have been transformed, thanks to the support of their sponsors. Be inspired and encouraged that you are coming alongside young people just like these as they work to craft a future of purpose.

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fall in love freddy and sarah

I Didn’t Ask to Fall in Love

May love drive away the darkness and paint a bright future into the souls of these children. May our hearts be torn apart and filled by the peace overflowing in the laughter of these lives.

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elderly women next to trees

When Grandma Becomes Mom

No matter how bad Carmen feels physically, or how bad she’s doing economically, she diligently gets up every day to get her grandchildren ready for school, the child development center or the church.

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boy in a red shirt and denim pants sitting on a step holding a piece of paper

Broken Home, Healed Heart

Shortly after Luis’ parents separated, his moods often changed from happy to sad. His heart was hurt and in need of much love.

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holding hands

How Does One Church Bear Good Fruit?

The Fourth Nazarene Church in Nicaragua wants to do something for their neighborhood. In their community, alcoholism, drugs, gangs and violence are common, and the church needs good soil in which to sow seeds that will bear good fruit.

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teens at tables in classroom

Waiting for a Miracle

Little by little, walking became difficult for Kendry. She needed help to do simple things like walk, hold a glass, color, and unbutton her shirt or pants.

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A women in a blue flowered blouse sitting next to a little girl wearing a blue shirt both touching their mouths with their hands

The Cost of Being a Sponsor

Our release cost the Father His only Son by the way of His broken, holy, sacrificed body. Release costs. It always costs.

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