Visiting Uganda

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail that Paul Moede, the leadership development marketing director for Compassion U.S., sent to his family last week and also shared with his co-worker, Gayle White.

Paul is currently traveling in Uganda.

Ambrose, age 14 months, sitting in his mother's lap.Today we visited a child survival program deep in a rural area. Sometimes it boggles my mind to see the joy of little kids who see a bus. They run alongside the road waving and laughing. Closest I’ll ever be to a rock star. Unbelievably chaotic roads, traffic that is harrowing and market stalls that defy description. Sides of meat hanging in the sun. . . . fresh fruits and vegetables . . . and people thronging everywhere.

Thought I would tell you about a home visit today with a single mom and three children — and infant and two toddlers. The mom, Sauda, has recently been abandoned by her husband, and has no source of income at all — just a plot of garden from which to feed her family. I could tell you more, such as the day her mud and thatch hut caved in on her from the rain and she had to build a new hut by herself. About 7′ by 12′ for four people.

After we spent time with her, we left gifts for her children as well as a tub and bag of staples. Never in my life have I seen such a response to a gift — joy that she could not contain. She covered her face as she knelt before the food and started to sway back and forth. And then she erupted from the ground, raised her hands and started dancing. Now I’m not talking about subtle. I mean clap your hands, shake your booty, turn and sing at the top of your lungs dancing. And she went on for two minutes. The joy was so contagious all we could do was clap along with her and choke back the tears.


Anyway, all is well. The poverty and chaos is bleak. The infrastructure is rotting away, but the church gets things done.


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  1. Roger,Sandra and Autumn June 7, 2009

    Thank you Paul for writing about your trip to Uganda and for the beautiful picture.
    We are sponsoring a very special young lady there in Uganda.
    We desire to do more and are so grateful to be given opportunities to help those in great need through Compassion.
    Letting them know that God loves them and being His (Jesus) hands, feet and mouth is what it’s all about isn’t it!

    Thanks Again for sharing with us.

  2. Tania @ Larger Family Life May 12, 2009

    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Mike Stephens March 29, 2009

    Thanks for sharing Paul!!!

  4. Lindy November 5, 2008

    I like this one so much that I emailed it to my grown kids. What a joyful story, and what a beautiful photo!

  5. Juli Jarvis November 5, 2008

    This is beautiful! Thanks!

  6. Vicki Small November 5, 2008

    Reminds me of an old song: “Little is much, when God is in it.” I never cease to be amazed by how far our small gifts can go to make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. Praise God!

  7. Kees Boer November 5, 2008

    That was a great story. It brought tears to my eyes to hear about that lady getting the food.


  8. Steve K. November 4, 2008

    That was a very, very nice pick me up in an otherwise dull evening. Thanks!

  9. Beth Ingersoll November 4, 2008


  10. Judith Tremblay November 4, 2008

    No doubt! I can’t imagine.

  11. Sarah November 4, 2008

    I think she must have liked it!

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