How Does the Bible Define Poverty?

How Does the Bible Define Poverty?

Many people and organizations view poverty in economic terms. But does this definition align with how Scripture describes the poor? How does the Bible define poverty?

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6 Authentic Ways to Be Generous but Not Judgmental

A child makes the shape of a heart with their hands

Working in poverty alleviation, I can feel the need to explain and justify the nice things I have. I worry that people will judge me or will judge the organization I work for if I don’t drive a junker and get my clothes on consignment. But I’ve come to realize that my justifications are creating a culture — a culture around me of implied judgment of the choices of others by my constant need to justify my own purchases and assets.

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A graphic of woman holding a baby

Video: How the Word “Compassion” Reveals God’s Character

The word “compassion” packs a lot of power. Bible history and etymology buffs, prepare to geek out over an artful new video from BibleProject. It delves into the meaning of the word “compassion” — and what it reveals about the character of God.

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girl in a white shirt sitting outside with a book open on her lap

5 Bible Verses to Give You Hope in Hard Times

In challenging and uncertain times, we have the source of all hope in our corner. All we have to do is turn to his Word and read the stories of hope written in the Bible to remind ourselves of God’s character and his faithfulness. Here are 5 bible verses and the stories behind them to bring you hope in the midst of difficult times.

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If I Give All I Have to the Poor, But Have Not Love… Love in the Bible

3 Bad Reasons to Give to Charity

Here are three reasons people give to charity that may be prompted by something other than love — and why it matters.

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3 Simple Lessons From Jesus on How to Love Your Neighbor

How to Love Your Neighbor

Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s the second greatest commandment. One of the most quoted verses in the Bible. And something we all want to do. (Well, most of the time.) You spend so much of your heart and gifts to bless a child in poverty. But what about when the neighbor you’re asked to love isn’t that cute, smiling kiddo on your fridge?

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Year of the Bible: Two girls read the Bible together.

12 Ways to Commit to the Year of the Bible

2020 is Year of the Bible! Learn a little more about what that means and how you can commit to and engage more deeply with the Bible this year.

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Family Activities: How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

How to Crush Boredom Together as a Family

If you’re a family who confronts boredom with either planning or panic, look no further. Here are a few family activities to crush boredom together.

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5 Biblical Truths Every Child in Poverty Needs to Hear

5 Biblical Truths Every Child in Poverty Needs to Hear [VIDEO]

Poverty tells children a lot of lies. But each Compassion-assisted child is given a Bible…the Truth that they can literally hold in their hands.

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inspirational bible verse

Which Bible Verse Prompts and Guides You to Serve Others?

If there is one thing Brianne has learned, it is that the truth really does set you free. And the truth can be found in the Word and the truth must live in our heart.

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a group of children holding up bibles

A Bible = Changed Lives

The children looked longingly at the colorful stacks of Bibles in front of them and could hardly wait to lay their hands on one. The noises gradually fell to soft whispers when the first name was called out.

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woman next to child on slide

One Mom’s Deep Spiritual Hunger

Five mothers met with our staff to answer questions about their families, the economy of their town and their hopes and dreams about the Child Survival Program. One of those mothers was Zulma.

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