How a Generous Sponsor Uses His Company Match to Maximize His Giving

Girl, in a pink and black shirt, is standing on the sand laughing with another girl and a boy, both wearing yellow. Julenda is not part of the Child Sponsorship Program. There are trees in the background.

David Choi has been sponsoring a child through Compassion since he was a teenager growing up in Australia. When he moved to the U.S. for work in 2014, he began sponsoring a boy from Uganda who was the same age as his eldest son. Now, with two active boys and a career in product marketing for a Fortune 100 technology company, David stays busy, but there are two annual reminders on his calendar that are very important to him.

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6 Authentic Ways to Be Generous but Not Judgmental

A child makes the shape of a heart with their hands

Working in poverty alleviation, I can feel the need to explain and justify the nice things I have. I worry that people will judge me or will judge the organization I work for if I don’t drive a junker and get my clothes on consignment. But I’ve come to realize that my justifications are creating a culture — a culture around me of implied judgment of the choices of others by my constant need to justify my own purchases and assets.

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If I Give All I Have to the Poor, But Have Not Love… Love in the Bible

3 Bad Reasons to Give to Charity

Here are three reasons people give to charity that may be prompted by something other than love — and why it matters.

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What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

These inspiring Scripture verses and devotional will help you learn more about God’s heart of generosity.

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Sign saying good gift better gift.

Provide a Lifetime of Hope for a Child in Poverty

What if, instead of giving gifts that break, expire or get used up, you gave a gift that lasts forever?

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two elderly women with their heads together

Seven Ways to Give of Yourself — In Every Season

Instead of focusing solely on places to send our money, let’s take a look into ways we can give of our time, money, and talents—in every season.

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people waiting in line for food

20 Days About Giving

Let’s talk about how the next 20 days are going to be different than normal for each of us. Let’s talk about the joys, rewards, effort and difficulty involved with giving. And let’s raise $20,000 for children in need this Christmas.

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woman with young child

It’s About Giving

Let’s paint a complete picture of giving this holiday season and see what we come up with. Let’s see if what we uncover helps connect us more closely to Jesus and helps make giving a part of our everyday lives.

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three potted plants

You Give It to Them

Sometimes we do things we do not understand because they are known only to the Lord. This is what our ministry does.

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Meal on a green plate with an orange cup and orange fork

“That’s Not a Need, That’s a Want”

It was during the first major global food crisis a few years ago, when rice and bean prices were out of control in Haiti, when the daily news was showing pictures of mud-pies being sold for food on the streets of Port-au-Prince. What perked my son’s money-tuned ears was the words “fifty cents.”

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Many children with their hands raised.

Does This One Come in Blonde?

Research on why people give to charitable causes is never very flattering to the donors. According to one study, when we give we’re often not motivated by philanthropy or logic, but by our feelings.

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Two children holding a baby.

How Do You Include Jesus in Your Christmas Giving?

It’s all too easy to let the traditions and festivities overwhelm the only reason I have anything to celebrate: The gift of the Prince of Peace, baby Jesus.

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