Dear Teacher

You saw me every day. You saw who I really was in spite of appearances, abilities, and economic status. You saw who I could become.

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Child Development and Community Development: Is One Better Than the Other?

How we go about fighting extreme poverty contrasts with how other organizations work toward the same goal. We fight poverty personally; whereas, many organizations fight communally.

I don’t mean that other organizations aren’t personally invested or committed to eliminating extreme poverty. I mean that a child focused, child development approach to fighting poverty is distinctly different than a broader community development approach.

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What is Partnership?

Partnership is at the center of what we do at Compassion — we not only partner with you, our sponsors and donors, but also with the local church around the world. So it’s worth understanding what we mean by partnership and how we do it.

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Biking Across America for Clean Water

Faith is like a bicycle. It requires forward movement for it to work. And it was this faith the spurred Kit Garren to bike across the USA to provide clean water to towns in need in the Dominican Republic.

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Fighting Famine with Innovation

Faced with 5 years of drought and famine, this Kamwaa Child Development Center in Kenya changed the future of the children and families in their community by looking to their natural resources and through our Complementary Intervention Program.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Three women from three vastly different countries and cultures reveal their shared fears and hopes of motherhood as well as the impact of the Child Survival Program.

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The Beauty of Pouring Out

When you face Jesus, in the longing eyes of the poor and powerless, it begins a hunger deep inside. A hunger to be filled up by the pouring out of yourself.

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Aylan Kurdi: The Power of One Child

One small child had barely enough time on this earth to dig his feet in and get acquainted with it. His short-lived life has made me hope that we’ll never be a people that says, “It’s just one child.”

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Celebrate Back to School With Your Sponsored Child

As your kids head back to school, here are some fun ideas about this fall season from our Second Friday Letter Writing Club on Pinterest of what to write in your next letter to the child you sponsor.

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Literacy: Turning Mirrors into Windows

Rather than just telling their pupils the importance of seeking education, these workers in Thailand are showing them with their own lives that the poverty of education is a battle that can be won, no matter your age.

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Being a Compassion Family

Sponsoring these children was initially my idea as a mom, but these relationships have become a family affair – and we’re all better off for it.

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