25 Children in Poverty Share Encouraging Messages for Hard Times

After one of the most challenging years of their young lives, children all over the world still have encouraging messages of hope.

Just as their families and Compassion tutors have supported them through the struggles of the past year, the children have handwritten, heartfelt signs of encouragement to share with YOU. Their message — from Nicaragua to Tanzania, Bangladesh to Ecuador — is beautiful: You are loved, you are not alone, and you will get through this.

1. Antonio, 9, Ecuador: “God bless you.”

Antonio is wearing a blue shirt and red shorts. He is standing outside with a rice field behind him and he is holding up a sign that says God Bless You.

I hope sponsors feel happy to know that God blesses them, as he has blessed my family. I hope they feel excited to know that God is stronger than any problem in the world.

2. Festino, 12, Tanzania: “We are praying for you.”

Festino is outside and is holding up a sign that says, "We are praying for you."

When people see my sign, I would like them to be hopeful because we are praying for them. There is nothing he cannot do. He will answer. I would like to tell them the troubles they are going through will not last. God will see them through. We love them.

3. Saju, 12, Bangladesh: “You can get through this.”

Saju is wearing a tan and brown dress. She is holding a sign that says, "You can get through this." The background is blurry and in in are a fence and houses.

I tell my friends, ‘You can get through this,’ when they are sad to cheer them up. Surprisingly, when I tell it from my heart, the words work every time.

4. Virginia, 11, Kenya: “Hang in there.”

Virginia is wearing a gray shirt and green pants. Her sign says, "Hang in there." She is sitting outside and is leaning against a tree. There is a yellow jerry can next to her.

I hope my sign will encourage someone who feels discouraged. I want people to know that it’s not good to give up. Jesus went through more and overcame. We are overcomers in him. Hang in there! We are praying for you.

5. Fatima, 10, Nicaragua: “Keep going …”

Fatima is holding up a sign that says: Keep going, God is with you and He takes care of you always! He will help you and give you strength. She is standing in front of a blue metal wall at the Compassion center.

“… God is with you and he takes care of you always! He will help you and give you strength.”

Trust in the Lord because he’s always with us, in good times and bad times. He protects us and helps us. I want to tell you that we are praying for you constantly, and that when we allow the Lord to enter our hearts, he takes care of us and gives us strength. Hold onto him.

6. Caleb, 7, Ecuador: “I’m praying for you.”

Caleb is weairng a white shirt with a pattern on the front and red sleeves. He is standing outside with a rice field behind him and is holding up a sign that says I'm Praying For You.

I hope sponsors feel peace when they see my sign, because I pray every day to God for them. Sometimes people feel lonely and I think they need to know that I am praying for them, as many children in the world are. When you are sad or afraid, sing a song of hope and you will feel better, and don’t forget many children are praying for you.

7. John, 13, Tanzania: “Don’t give up. God will answer you.”

John is wearing a blue jacket and is holding up a sign that says, "Don't give up. God will answer you."

When you are going through tough times, it is easy to give up. I want to encourage people to continue praying and God will answer their prayers. I would like to thank you for your love and encourage you that any hardships they may go through, God will help you.

8. Bikash, 11, Bangladesh: “COVID will get better.”

Bikash is wearing a navy blue shirt and jeans. He is holding a green sign that says, "COVID will get better." He is standing in front of a wooden fence and is giving a thumbs up sign.

Bikash is the son of a tea-leaf picker. They live in one of the poorest communities in Bangladesh, surviving on just U.S.$1.10 a day. Despite this, the 11-year-old is hopeful his family will rise above the pandemic, because Compassion is standing beside his family.

9. Savera, 11, Kenya: “We are praying for you.”

Savera is wearing a blue and white shirt and dark pants. Her sign says, "We are praying for you." She is sitting on a green bench in the Compassion center and is praying with her hands together in front of her.

I pray that my sign will remind everyone that God will never leave nor forsake you. I want people to understand that our God is an ever-present God. He has your life and your well-being in his palm. We love you all.

10. Melanie, 12, Ecuador: “Never give up.”

Melanie is wearing a red shirt and jeans and is holding up her sign that says, Never Give Up. She is standing on a dirt road and is jumping up.

I would like them to read my message and to never stop dreaming. You can do it. God makes you perfect and strong. You are smart, and all of this hard time will fade soon. Jesus is holding your hand and he will never give up on you.

11. Zawadi, 12, Tanzania: “God is preparing your Moses.”

Zawadi is wearing a purple shirt and a tan skirt. She is standing outside and is holding a sign that says, "God is preparing your Moses."

I want everyone who is going through hardships to feel hope that God is preparing someone to take you out of your hardships — just like he did for Moses. Continue praying, God is preparing your Moses moment. May God keep you and bless you for your love.

12. Tawhid, 11, Bangladesh: “Stay happy always and never feel sad.”

Tawhid is wearing a blue shirt and jeans. He is holding up a sign that says, "Stay happy always and never feel sad." Behind him is a concrete wall covered partially with ivy.

Always stay happy and never feed sad because the happier you are, your loved ones will feel your joy.

13. Emmanuel, 10, Kenya: “God is bigger than COVID-19.”

Emmanuel is wearing a red shirt. On his hands is written "God is bigger than COVID-19." He is holding his hands out toward the camera.

I hope people will be happy and know that they are not alone because God is with you. Our God is greater that COVID-19, and there is nothing too hard for him.

14. Delmar, 13, Nicaragua: “The Lord is with you …”

Delmar is wearing a white shirt with blue stripes and is holding a sign that says: The Lord is with you! He is taking care of you! He will keep you safe! You are strong warriors in Christ. Continue having faith in Him always. He is sitting in front of a green corrugated metal wall.

“… He is taking care of you! He will keep you safe! You are strong warriors in Christ! Continue having faith in him always.”

I want to encourage you to have faith in the Lord because he will give you strength. You are all stronger than you think you are, and every day we pray for the Lord to bless you and your families.

15. Bibiana, 12, Tanzania: “We love you.”

Bibiana is wearing a tan skirt and a green sweater. She is standing outside and is holding a sign that says, "We love you."

When you read my message, I want you to feel hope that God loves you. I would like to encourage you not to give up. We love you and may God protect you.

16. Gino, 8, Ecuador: “Be brave.”

Gino is wearing a green shirt and jeans. He is standing outside with a rice field behind him and he is holding a sign that says Be Brave.

We need to be brave and trust in Jesus. God is a good Father and he will give you whatever they need. I have seen it in my family. When we need something, we pray and God provides — that’s what my mother says. Be a warrior, fight against the fear, don’t forget to smile and remember that Jesus cares for you.

17. Nazmul, 9, Bangladesh: “Things will get better.”

Nazmul is holding a sign that says, "Things will get better." He is standing between a white building and a dark concrete wall.

For everyone having a hard time right now, Nazmul has one encouraging message to share: “Things will get better.”

18. Charles, 9, Kenya: “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Charles is wearing a blue shirt. He is sitting with his friend, Emmanuel, wearing a red shirt and blue pants. They are sitting in front of a sign that says, "Don't worry, be happy." Both boys are wearing face masks.

Even during difficult times like COVID-19, we can find moments of happiness and joy. I want you to know that God loves you, and we love you too, and are thankful for all you have done for us. We are praying that God will bless them for all the smiles they have put on our faces.

19. Josebeth, 13, Nicaragua: “Keep your faith …’

Josebeth is wearing a black shirt and is holding up a sign that says: keep your faith because, with the Lord’s help, we will overcome this! Remember, you are loved! She is standing in front of a brown wall at the Compassion center.

“… because, with the Lord’s help, we will overcome this. Remember, you are loved!”

I hope people who read this feel happy and loved. I think people need to read my message because we have been going through a lot of changes during the past few months. I’d like you to know that we love you and that we hope you are always surrounded by love and happiness.

20. Sumona, 11, Bangladesh: “You will get through this!”

Sumona is wearing a dress with a floral bodice and a red skirt. She is sitting down on a short brick wall and is holding a blue sign that says, "You will get through this." There are trees and a house behind her.

This situation is temporary, and you will all get through this situation very soon.

21. Gonzalo, 14, Nicaragua: “Persevere in prayer …’

Gonzalo is wearing a red shirt with white circles on the front. He is holding up a sign that says: persevere in prayer, the Lord will comfort you! You are not alone! The Lord is with you! He will fill your heart with peace!  Gonzalo is sitting at a desk inside a Compassion classroom and there is a blue wall behind him.

“ … the Lord will comfort you! You are not alone! The Lord is with you! He will fill your heart with peace.”

I think people need to read my sign right now because things have been really hard lately, and the economic crisis has affected us all. I want to tell you to persevere in prayer because the Lord will comfort you and motivate you to continue moving forward. He will be your strength and support during this time.

22. George, 15, Kenya: “Relax. God is in control.”

George is wearing a colorful red and purple outfit. He is standing in front of a blackboard with, "Relax, God is in control," written on it.

These times are not easy as we would have wished you to be but there is peace and joy in knowing that God remains God and he still loves and cares for us. Never give up! No matter the situation that they are going through, everything will be OK in Jesus’ name.

23. Haydee, 10, Ecuador: “Thanks Jesus”

Haydee is wearing a pink shirt and jeans. She is standing outside her home and is surrounded by banana trees and is holding a sign that says Thanks Jesus.

I hope people can remember we always need to thank Jesus because he is good to us. Be strong because your God is with you. Whatever the situation, he is with you. I am praying for you and sending hugs wherever you are. You are not alone.

24 & 25. Dennis, 9, and Alex, 7, Kenya: “We love you.”

Dennis and Alex are both wearing blue outfits and face masks. They are holding up a large yellow sign that says, "We love you." They are sitting down in front of a blue and white wall.

We would like our supporters to know we are praying for them and we deeply appreciate and love them for sticking with us even during this difficult time. Keep the faith, hold on to the hope that is Jesus.

We invite you to share your own encouraging messages on our new virtual Wall of Gratitude!

Young boy with a big smile holding a sign that says God bless you.

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  1. Tina Barrett February 4, 2022

    Oh my goodness! This will need to be put in my favorites to refer back to almost daily. Thank you for the smiles!

  2. Cynthia Wooten May 1, 2021

    l read this and wept. To see these children with their big smiles, who have such hard lives, who have so little, say they are praying for us, the sponsors, who by comparison have so much- it is truly humbling. Their faith in God is beautiful.

  3. Cheryl Gilpin April 19, 2021

    These children are a combined comfort, encouragement, and rebuke to me. When I see their signs and read the messages they have sent, I am humbled, rebuked, encouraged and I want to smile and thank God. Thank you so much for sharing this! They were truly “angels”—messengers sent from God to me, to remind me to trust God. He really is bigger, more powerful than COVID or anything!

  4. John Garvin April 18, 2021

    Great words from the Word. Thank you for sharing with the sponsors. May God Bless you all.

  5. Jan April 6, 2021

    Thank you to the children who so preciously pray for us daily. It is awesome that they care so much

    about their sponsors. I feel so blessed!

  6. Laurie Dunkelberger March 25, 2021

    Thank you Zoe for encouraging us, in the USA when we have so many more material blessings than these children around the world. How exciting it is to know they understand God’s love for them, and are patient in their waiting as we must be also.

  7. Madison February 5, 2021

    Honestly, what a blessing! I appreciate all of these children’s messages of encouragement. The child who said that God is preparing our “Moses’s moment” really touched me because I’m currently going through a situation!

  8. Jan King February 3, 2021

    Thank you, Zoe, for sending us these messages of love and encouragement from these precious children. Not only did I love to see their happy faces and read their encouraging words, it was obvious that the Word of God was having an impact in their young lives and directing their thinking toward Him. We are so thankful that they are learning that God never fails, that He cares, loves, and watches over all of us, and most importantly, that is spite of the pandemic, He reigns! We praise Him for the work of Compassion to bring His word to these children.

  9. Jennifer February 3, 2021

    Encouraging. Love these kids!

  10. Compaore/Ouedraogo Zoewinde February 3, 2021

    Really touching! God bless!

  11. Wanda J Weldin February 2, 2021

    I am so glad for these messages of hope. To know that these boys and girls have it much worse than we, their sponsors humbles me. We are often prone to “belly ache” when things get a little tough for us. Thank you for sharing these beautiful children with their beautiful smiles and word of wisdom to us.

  12. cheryl slinde February 2, 2021

    The posters and spiritual messages from the children are amazing. Add to that, the beautiful smiles on

    the children, brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

    What an awesome blessing this is.

  13. Linda Douglas February 2, 2021

    Oh my, now I know why the Lord says the “poor” are rich in faith! This is the best blog content ever.

  14. Bethany February 2, 2021

    I loved their smiles. The smiles were filled with so much joy. Seeing such pure smiles is beautiful.

  15. Caryl Tieszen February 2, 2021

    These children are so amazing! They are encouraging us with the words we to be sending to them! They are so precious! I send love to all of them and pray for all their needs to be met and that they will continue to be encouraged and know Jesus is with them.

  16. Heide Harrier Hampe February 2, 2021

    Thanks to All of You, as you have encouraged me today by reminding me that God is bigger than all of our temporary troubles and pain. He holds us close to His heart and has a good plan for us, that will be revealed in His time. God bless you all richly. With much love and Care, Heide Harrier Hampe, sponsor of Pascalina in Tanzania and Kwabena in Ghana.

    1. Angela Loomis February 3, 2021

      Thank you so much, Heide! Your message is such a blessing to us. Thanks for sponsoring sweet Pascalina and Kwabena. God bless you! ?

  17. Janet February 2, 2021

    This is amazing! I am so encouraged by these kids! Such words of wisdom out of the mouth of babes! They are so special and I am blessed by them! PTL!

  18. Esther Rodriguez February 2, 2021

    My love and prayers I send to all those kids and their teachers and sponsees. God bless us all and keep us safe. Amen

  19. Danilo Reyes February 2, 2021

    Very powerful statements, thank you.

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