Representing the Cheetah Generation

As a proud sponsor of Josiane from Rwanda and Emmanuel from Uganda, I’m comforted knowing they are in loving and capable hands. The well-being of Josiane, Emmanuel and your sponsored child is front and center in the minds of the local church staff and our country staff.

Rwandan girlUgandan boy

The man leading these staff members in Africa is Sidney Muisyo. Sidney began with Compassion in 2002 and five years later became the Kenya Country Director. In April 2010, he became our Vice President of the Africa Region.

Africa has completely stolen my heart. God has given me, as He has so many of you, a tiny piece of His heart for Africa.

For as much as we love Africa, God loves her and her people infinitely more!

Sidney seems to have been entrusted with an especially huge heart and vision for his home. His mind constantly analyzes how current events in Africa relate to the everyday reality of our sponsored children. He is well-educated and well-read. When I need a good book recommendation on the future of Africa, Sidney is my go-to guy.

Emerging Africa is an influential book in this regard. Author Steven Radelet highlights 17 nations changing the face of Africa. No longer can we look at the continent as a constant war-torn area. Countries are rising from the ashes and emerging into their beautiful potential.

Radelet introduces a concept from Ghanaian scholar George Ayittey regarding the new youth of Africa. Ayittey refers to these youth as “the Cheetah Generation.” These are young people who have decided Africa needs to be redefined, restructured and reemerged.

two cheetahs

These are young people who offer hope for Africa.

These are young leaders who will invest, care for others, and love passionately. We fervently believe our young babies, sponsored children, and leadership students are cheetahs.

As a sponsor, I’m grateful that the man overseeing our work in Africa believes in my little Emmanuel and little Josiane. I’m thankful that the church staff will continue to breathe life into them and help them run with the speed of cheetahs.

And as my sponsored children grow into all that God has for them, I’m ever so grateful that a man like Sidney will be there to lead the pack.

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  1. Kelsey Donahue April 6, 2011

    My friend! I would agree with you that Sidney is indeed a great man! And YOU my friend, are a great writer, and your passion for Africa and Compassion just pours out of your words..I love it!

  2. Gail March 23, 2011

    I recently visited Compassion Indonesia and was thrilled to see how very, very much the staff love the children. Many of the national office staff are annointed children’s pastors in their own right, and then also called to Compassion. It was an honour to meet the Program Facilitators who are pastors to the local church’s children’s pastors.

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