How to Pray with Compassion on This National Day of Prayer

This Thursday, May 2, is the National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer is an annual American tradition in which people across the country gather to pray together. It’s a powerful day of calling upon the Lord on behalf of our country.

A boy in Burkina Faso wearing a green and blue checked shirt holds his hands together in praying while smiling at the camera. He is in a classroom surrounded by other children praying.

Prayer is a critical part of Compassion’s ministry. We believe it is key in releasing children from poverty! So, as the National Day of Prayer approaches, we want to not only pray for our country, but for the countries around the world where Compassion works.

Will you join us in this effort? Below you will find parallel prayers – one for our country, followed by one for the countries where Compassion-sponsored children live. Consider these jumping-off points. Feel free to pray for any specific needs you know of either in our country or others around the world.

Let’s get praying!

A girl in Mexico wearing a green shirt with long hair in a ponytail sits in a dark room with eyes closed and hands in the praying position.

A Prayer for Our Nation

Lord, thank You for giving me the privilege of living where I do. Please intervene in the areas of this country that so desperately need You. Where there is conflict, bring peace. Where there is division, bring unity. Where there is hate, bring love. Where there is poverty, bring relief. Please move in miraculous ways.

A Prayer for Other Nations

Dear God, I praise You for creating a world full of beauty, diversity and different places. Today I pray specifically for the countries where Compassion-sponsored children live. Pour out Your love, protection and wisdom onto the nations. Protect those who are forgotten, oppressed, victims of natural disasters and living in poverty. Overwhelm each country with Your presence.

A Prayer for Leaders in the U.S.

Dear God, please be with the people who hold positions of leadership in this country – in government, in communities, in local churches, in schools, in homes. Provide leaders wisdom, discernment and humility. Give them the opportunities to be protectors, advocates and beacons of positive change. Guide their path so that they may lead others well.

A Prayer for Leaders Around the World

Lord, today I pray for the leaders in the countries where Compassion works. Empower government leaders, local leaders, pastors, teachers and parents to guide with wisdom, love and passion. Equip them with the materials and knowledge they need to bring positive change to their circles. Give them hearts to remember, care for and protect children living in poverty within their community.

A Prayer for Churches in This Country

Lord, thank You for the local church. Thank You that we can worship You freely in this country. Today I pray that the thousands of churches scattered across this country would serve as beacons of light, hope and peace. May they bring hope to their communities by caring for the poor, inviting people in, and serving as examples of the unconditional love of Jesus.

A Prayer for Churches in Other Countries

Dear God, thank You for local churches all around the world. I pray specifically for the churches Compassion partners with. May they be places of safety, refuge and hope. Help them to meet the specific needs of their communities. Continue to equip them to care for children well. May local churches across the globe change the world for Your glory.

In the name of Jesus, amen!

Looking for more ways to pray for children in poverty? Consider joining the Compassion Prayer Network!


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  1. Patrick ROBERT Gumba April 30, 2019

    Jesus is the King of Kings

  2. Patrick ROBERT Gumba April 30, 2019

    Let pray for hurting children

  3. Patrick ROBERT Gumba April 30, 2019

    Please give us advice how we may get sponsor to miserable hurting desperate poor children,please whoever come across this,HELP.

    1. Sarah May 1, 2019

      Patrick, please email us at [email protected] for more information on sponsorship.

  4. JustMe April 30, 2019

    Great post, and a wonderful tool for National Day of Prayer…or any other day! 🙂

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