What is Poverty?

What is poverty? Our President, Wess Stafford, defines poverty and describes our solution for releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Watch What is Poverty? and subscribe to Compassion YouTube for more stories.

UPDATED: Nov. 18, 2011 – We also have a photo essay from the Compassion Bloggers trip to Ecuador which asks the same question; What is poverty?

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  1. Travis Dickerson July 29, 2010

    Thanks, Wes. You are a good storyteller. That’s the kind of story that we need to hear more of. Are there any full length documentaries from Compassion?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni July 29, 2010

      No. There aren’t. Our Living the Legacy video is about as close as we’ve gotten. It’s only three minutes long.

  2. Michelle October 9, 2009

    Well. That video brought tears to my eyes! Great message… and what a simply wonderful, wonderful man. Goodness just radiates from him!!!

    I love this program… :o)

  3. Dana Young June 23, 2009

    Today, I became a sponsor to a little girl in Columbia. I am so excited about the journey I will get to take with her. My prayers for her is that God will use her in a mighty way to help those around her.

  4. Dana Williams May 27, 2009

    Dear Mr. Stafford and Compassion Staff,
    Thank you so much for your heart for God’s little ones. Your ministry truly reflects the love of Jesus for those in poverty. I am reminded of one of the verses my children and I are memorizing together:
    “He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will reward him for what he has done.” Proverbs 19:17
    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity through Compassion to reach out and share the love of Christ with our sponsored children.

  5. Tom Easterday May 27, 2009

    Well said. Having just returned from a sponsors tour to Honduras, I saw the difference between the children in the Compassion program and those who were not. Now, I have the visual evidence of the difference Compassion can make in the life of a child growing up in poverty. My (just) 13 year old already knows that we wants to be an architect. He has a dream and a goal already. With God’s help, he will be able to make that dream a reality. Thank you Compassion, for helping these children know that they matter.

  6. yipeng May 27, 2009

    Great video.. Linking this =]

  7. Juli Jarvis May 26, 2009

    This is probably my favorite story that I’ve heard you tell, and it always brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful transformation in this young man! Thank you so much for telling this story again.

  8. Roger , Sandra and Autumn Edgerle May 26, 2009

    Yes, Compassion is making a difference in the lives of children and their families. We are so glad to be apart of helping them cross those bridges to a better life that is full of hope in Jesus!
    We too are even more determined to speak up for these children.
    Thank you Compassion for letting us be apart of making a difference in our world for Jesus!

  9. Mike Stephens May 26, 2009

    What is poverty? I think poverty is doubting or in other words unbelief that may stem from a lack of material things. And we all know what Philippians 2:14 says…14Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining [[l]against God] and [m]questioning and DOUBTING[among yourselves],

  10. Mike Stephens May 26, 2009

    Philippians 2 (Amplified)
    12Therefore, my dear ones, as you have always obeyed [my suggestions], so now, not only [with the enthusiasm you would show] in my presence but much more because I am absent, work out (cultivate, carry out to the goal, and fully complete) your own salvation with reverence and awe and trembling (self-distrust, [i]with serious caution, tenderness of conscience, watchfulness against temptation, timidly shrinking from whatever might offend God and discredit the name of Christ).

    13[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while [j]effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and [k]delight.

    14Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining [[l]against God] and [m]questioning and doubting [among yourselves],

    15That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guiltless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish (faultless, unrebukable) in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation [spiritually perverted and perverse], among whom you are seen as bright lights (stars or beacons shining out clearly) in the [dark] world,

    I like verse 14 b/c it says do all things without doubting. I have definitely been a doubter at times with Compassion but each Sponsor Tour and visit helps me squash my doubts.

  11. Jill Foley May 26, 2009

    Another great story…thanks!

  12. Amy Wallace May 26, 2009

    Watching this makes me even more determined to speak up for these children, so they can cross their “bridges”.

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