Dear Good Samaritans

The translated letter below was composed from an interview we held with a caregiver of a sponsored child named Kudra.

Kudra is now taken care of by his grandmother. After the death of his father, Kudra’s mother remarried another man and left Kudra with his grandmother.

The grandmother of Kudra, Miriam, is now 53 years old, a widow taking care of seven grandchildren, of whom five are AIDS orphans.

Miriam is a subsistence farmer and became a widow as the result of the 1994 genocide. She is a Muslim woman but also believes in the healing power of Jesus Christ.

“I have been blessed to know more about Christianity during my encounter with Compassion student’s center at the Presbyterian Church.”

Dear Good Samaritans,

I am very proud that I am alive so that I can witness and testify to the love of God through Compassion’s ministry in our area. Dear Compassion, you picked up my grandson in the valley of poverty and enlightened him with knowledge and exposure to the better world of knowing God. It’s such an amazing act that only God’s true servants can do.

Three of my children died of rampant AIDS and left me with young children who seemed a burden to me due to my age and lack of resources to sustain them. As I watched my children die one by one in my hands, I was helpless — with no one to turn to and no one to comfort me — and was in a total dilemma. But finally I saw God’s hand through Compassion’s ministry that sponsored my grandchild Kudra, and my hope was restored.

I can guarantee you that every single day I live I will always say a prayer for Compassion that wiped away my tears through sponsorship.

A child stands in front of a woman carrying a plastic tub on her headIt was such joy to see Kudra being registered by a Christian organization; it immediately revealed the love of God to me.

Kudra received all the required support needed for a better start of a new life. This included scholastic materials, medical care, physical support and awareness of the true God. Kudra was given a Bible, which he considers as a great gift, and it is always placed in the house for everyone to read because it was the first Bible in our house.

In reality, AIDS folded both my hands after I lost my children who were helping feed me and whom I saw as my future. It only left me with a burden of children always needing from me. Look at me. I cannot do any business or search for a job because I never attended school, not even having any skill that could sustain me.

In the recent earthquake that struck our area, the rented house fell down and we had to request temporary shelter from a neighbor. What really touched my heart is the way God revealed Himself to me once again when Kudra told me that Compassion had come for relief support and was ready to construct and rehabilitate all the demolished houses.

I was speechless by the love of God to a poor Muslim widow supported by Christians through Kudra’s sponsorship. I was really happy to see the saving hand of God through Compassion.

We were given kitchen utensils, blankets, mats, a basin and a promise for house construction for us. God, thank you for restoring my joy, hope and meaningful life.

Dear Compassion, AIDS has left no stone unturned in our community, but we thank Compassion for supporting us in different ways. I have seen Compassion widows of AIDS running business, rearing domestic animals, forming tailoring associations, and creating awareness to the entire community, and all the credit goes to Compassion’s ministry and praise to the most high God.

Furthermore, I have seen Muslim mothers celebrating with Christians as a sign of togetherness that Compassion has brought to our community and making a difference in the world.

Thank you Compassion, for taking care of AIDS orphans, they have no one to turn to but only you Compassion — a mother, a father, a sister and a friend.

God bless you,


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  1. Briton Kamugisha October 25, 2011

    Thanks all of you, God bless you and keep on “For the good works we do for those who need our help, we witness the love of God in developing this world He entrusted us to lead. I am happy that my story is making a positive difference.

  2. JD October 21, 2011

    This, this…. this right here… THAT is the gospel lived out loud so beautifully… what a blessing it was to see this today, what a perspective it brings through the eyes of the community.

  3. Gramma Kim October 21, 2011

    I am nearly the same age as Miriam, I have 3 grandsons – 1 is across the country and I’m not able to make the trip to visit him; 2 are still living with their parents (my daughter and her husband). They are all well-cared for tots with more than enough to eat every day, and they are full of energy. When I’m blessed with time to visit the ones nearby, they wear me out! Thanks to God for their health and well-being, they are my joy! Thanks to God for letting me know about Miriam whose trust and joy in the Lord is witness to His glory. Jesus, let us be Your hands and feet doing Your work on earth testifying to the glory of the Father. Continue blessing Miriam and others whose hearts break as they try to care and provide for their children and grandchildren. Mend their hearts, Lord, through our actions. All glory and honor to God.

  4. manzi james July 31, 2010

    hey big bro your completely lost ! where are you now? are u still in Rwanda talk to me plse here is ma tel number 0722363523. this is manzi james a long time freind of yours who was studying in butare university.

    1. Briton Kamugisha October 25, 2011

      Thanks brother, God bless u, I am now In Toronto Canada, I miss Rwandans especially my work in impacting children and all those whose voices are seldom heard. God bless u my brother and speak loud for children where ever you are. God bless Compassion.

  5. Heather August 9, 2008

    Praise Our Savior! He is so amazing! May God bless this beloved woman!

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