When God Answered a Guatemalan Family’s Prayers

Elfego is happy because a neighbor saved his dogs, he was worried about them after he saw how the water covered his home.

It has been such a pleasure sharing stories of thanksgiving from our field staff this year as part of the Compassion Prayer Network’s focus on gratitude. The stories have ranged from personal stories of how God is at work to ways our staff is seeing amazing things happen in spite of tremendously difficult times.

This month, I want you to meet Lidia, who works in public relations in our Compassion Guatemala office. Lidia shared with us the story of a Guatemalan family — Elfego, a Compassion-assisted child, and his mother, Amelia. Lidia’s letter beautifully weaves together the disaster and the hope that Elfego and his family faced. I hope you find encouragement in this story and that it reminds you to look for the hope in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Hear from Lidia …

Lidia Beteta de Corado in a red shirt standing in front of a waterfall
Lidia works in the Compassion Guatemala office. She was touched by the story of a grateful Guatemalan family.

Dear Prayer Partners,

I want to share with you a story that motivated my deep gratitude to God for orchestrating the effort of sponsors, Compassion International and the church to be the answer that children and families need in times of crisis.

I learned the story of Elfego, who is 9 years old. He is the son of Amelia, a single mother. They lived together in a community in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Her community was one of those that suffered the greatest impact of the tropical depressions Eta and Iota in November 2020. Amelia works cleaning houses in another area of Cobán, and on the day Eta struck her community, she had decided to take Elfego with her.

Although they were able to take shelter from the heavy rains, when they tried to return to their house, Amelia and Elfego saw that it had been covered by water. The few belongings they had were missing or floating in the dark, smelly water.

The team of the partner church to which Elfego belongs were monitoring the situation of beneficiaries in affected areas. After learning about the situation of Elfego and his mother, the volunteers organized to rent a room, provide them with food, clothing, a stove and other basic utensils.

Although the situation they face is difficult, Elfego’s mother does not hesitate to admit: “Without the support of the church, this experience would be worse. I can’t imagine how we would be if Elfego wasn’t a sponsored child.”

I thank God for bringing together the players who illuminate with hope the darkest moments in the lives of the beneficiaries.

Lidia Beteta de Corado
PR Specialist, Compassion Guatemala

Elfego and his mother Amelia stands outside the room they are renting while they wait for the water level to lower at their house.
Elfego and Amelia with some relief supplies they received.

I hope Elfego’s story and Lidia’s words remind you that this past year has been filled with God’s people stepping forward and helping. I pray that you have seen this in your own life — and have been able to be that agent of change in the lives of others. We also want to invite you to share your own story of gratitude and praise with us on our virtual Gratitude Wall today!

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  1. Betty Scott September 11, 2021

    I sponsored a child from age 6 to 21! And I still pray for him even though I have no idea where he is or what has happened to him! I pray for Compassion and all that is done for children and their families! And all the other work that is done!! May God Bless you all and increase your ability to reach out!!! ?

  2. Godfrey Wayengera May 6, 2021

    Indeed this is God answering prayers. But I also know that God uses people to meet the needs of His loved ones. I therefore thank the Frontline Church Partner for being attentive to the needs of the beneficiaries and doing all it takes to respond to them in an appropriate manner. I also thank the donors and sponsors who out of love give to make another’s life better. Thank you so much for being rays of hope in the lives of these little ones.

  3. Jodi White May 5, 2021

    That is so awesome to hear how small acts of kindness can benefit and help others.

    Thank you Jesus!!

  4. Lesly Sam May 5, 2021

    Hermosa historia, una de muchas. Damos gracias al Señor por su provisión, cuidado y soporte oportuno de Compassion International a través de la iglesia.

  5. Benjamin Audra May 4, 2021

    Thanks for the above mentioned important aspect of work God has given you to do in that community, like wise our community is facing similar challenges in various church es (Anglican) in our Archdeaconry ie Madi oyibu, Madi and westnile Diocese (Uganda). There fore,it’s my humble request to your office extend your organization to our area in partnership with Resurrection Church of Uganda Draba. thanks for your positive response towards my request.My God bless you.

    1. Christina May 5, 2021

      Hello Benjamin! We greatly appreciate your heart to serve the needy in your community in Uganda. Please send us an email at [email protected] to see if we are able to partner with your church. When you email us, please provide as much information as you can about your ministry. Thank you and we look forward to your email!

  6. Miguel Gutierriez May 4, 2021

    Thank you for the encouraging story.
    It’s uplifting to hear how God answers prayers through Compassion International and the local churches. I greatly appreciate everyone and all that is done by you.
    May God continue to bless your labour of love.

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