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Jun 15 2014

Jesus People

Children jump and play in the street

In this chapel message, Guy Hocker, Strategy Advisor in Residence, shares what it means to be Jesus people and how we can experience the kingdom of heaven now.

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Jun 13 2014

World Cup Fever

world cup fever athletic

The 2014 World Cup. Thirty-two teams. Twelve stadiums. Sixty-four soccer matches. Thirty-one days. More than 715 million people around the world tune in! But what does World Cup Fever have to do with you?

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experience compassion conference

Experience Compassion Conference: June 27-28, 2014 in beautiful Colorado Springs. We’d love to celebrate with you and give you the opportunity to learn more about what we do. Learn more and Register today!

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become a missionary

We as sponsors have the ability to make a difference in the life of a child living in poverty and fulfill our individual calling here at home.

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May 25 2014

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Two cute little girls

In this chapel message, pastor and activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson brings a message of encouragement and hope for weary Christians. Jesus has promised that He will reveal Himself to us if we are faithful to love even in painful and difficult times.

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language of love

What is the language of love? Is it French (ooo la la!)? Spanish? And, how do we express love to our sponsored child when there is a language barrier?

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Once a child is fully enrolled in our sponsorship program, each of our partner countries begin working to link the child with a sponsor. While this occurs, the staff in our Ghana country office and at our church partners begin praying for kind hearted individuals to see the pictures of the children and pick…

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May 13 2014

Jesus Loves Me

jesus love me

The sound of children singing praise to Jesus has to be one of the most beautiful sounds. The joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus shows when the children sing.

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May 11 2014

Jesus in the Old Testament


In this chapel message, Kurt Birky, Global Brand development Director, digs into Genesis 22 and 24, exploring the fascinating parallels between the life of Isaac and the life of Jesus.

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Choosing a child to sponsor is a daunting prospect when you consider that the child you select may be a part of your heart for a lifetime. How do you choose whom to help and whom someone else must help? Here are several ways to approach your decision.

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Leave a comment if you want to join us in finding birthday-related items we can share with our sponsored children.

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