What Are Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Child?

Look into the faces of these mothers living in the developing world. What do you see? As a mother, what are your hopes and dreams for your child?

You can also view this A Mother’s Hopes and Dreams for Her Child video on YouTube.

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  1. Sue June 27, 2012

    It is an absolute joy to know that we are investing in our special “son” in Rwanda for eternity! Lord willing, he will grow to become a man of God and one who earnestly prays daily for the salvation of his friends and extended family members.

  2. Lizzie June 25, 2012

    Beautiful video.

  3. Jo Anna Crawford June 25, 2012

    Beautiful, touching video of a mother’s love. I pray for our Compassion Child in Guatemala that God will use her in a mighty way, however He sees fit. (Same prayer I pray for our 4 children.) I would love for Petronila to one day be in the LDP. Nothing is impossible with God.

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