Best of the Blog 2020: Your Favorite Stories of the Year

As you might expect during an incredibly challenging year, your favorite stories on the Compassion USA blog were those that inspired and uplifted. The most popular blog posts we shared during 2020 were those that showed the resiliency of the human spirit and the ability for God to redeem the most desperate situations.

Here they are — your five favorite stories on the blog during 2020. May they inspire you all over again — or for the first time if you missed them before!

5. Inspiring Stories of Courage and Bravery

A photo of a girl with Apert Syndrome in a red and white school uniform stands in front of a house, with her arms crossed in front of her.

From fighting harmful traditions to braving dangerous jobs, the work of these courageous humans offers inspiration and perspective. Don’t forget heroes like Karunia, the girl in Indonesia who is helping her whole community learn the beauty and worth of people who are born different.


4. The 18-Year-Old Who Raised an Abandoned Baby as His Own

A boy and a man wash clothes outside together.

Valdinar in Brazil was only 18 years old when he found an abandoned baby boy. Having been abandoned as a child himself, Valdinar refused to look the other way. With the help of his foster mother, Valdinar has raised baby Eduardo into the thriving 10-year-old boy he is today.


3. Shakul — The Story Behind the Striking Eyes

An up-close photo of a Ugandan boy with blue eyes and a white stripe of skin down his forehead.

Who could forget Shakul? When we posted a picture on social media of the little boy in Uganda, it became one of our most “liked” posts ever. Since Shakul’s beauty struck such a chord, we wanted to tell you more about him and the condition that gave him his unique pigmentation. It ended up being one of your favorite stories of 2020.


2. Interrupting Your Feed With Some GOOD News

A girl in a pink dress washes her hands outside.

As grim statistics and outlooks about the COVID-19 pandemic flooded the news, you were ready to hear the good — and we were hearing plenty of it from our partners around the world! With Compassion centers closed, staff and volunteers went above and beyond to feed and bless children in Compassion’s program — delivering hygiene kits, groceries, encouragement and so much more to desperate families.


1. The Top 5 Reasons These Kids Are Grateful Will Make You Grateful Too

Girl wearing an orange shirt. She is standing in front of a wall with colorful shapes all over it and is holding up a piece of paper that says Thank You.

These thankful children in Compassion’s program topped the list of favorite stories on the blog this year. Most of us have moments when we fail to recognize the blessings in our lives. That’s when it’s good to pause and read expressions of gratitude from children … like 5-year-old Deneilis in Colombia, who was thankful to move from dangerous living conditions to a safe (pink) home. “Thanks to all who helped us to have our home,” she said.


As we wrap up 2020 with this look at your favorite stories of the year, we want to thank you for reading the Compassion USA blog! We look forward to sharing more powerful stories of God releasing children from poverty through a powerful network of local churches, families, sponsors, donors, Compassion staff and prayer partners in 2021!

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  1. Rebecca Onyango January 1, 2021

    Thank compassion for reaching out and touching the lives of poor in poverty worldwide. Your gifts and help of God’s hand has made huge difference by giving hope to the hopeless. They look so wonderful children, and whatsoever you are investing in the lives of children, touches the heart of God, to continue to bless a giver. Because that child can come out somebody so special and that’s a heart of love God has given us to share with the poor, orphans and widows in disparate needs.
    May the Lord bless your ministries.
    Eva- Rebecca Onyango

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